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Friday, July 15, 2016

NEWS: Xerosun release video for new single ahead of new album

DUBLIN metal act, Xerosun have released a video for their track 'This Dark Rage' (watch it below) from the forthcoming album 'In The Presence of Darkness'.

The album is based on the infamous 'Craiglist killer' Miranda Barbour.

Speaking to Terrorizer the band said:

“'This Dark Rage’ is inspired by Miranda Barbour’s confession in court. The words used in the song are almost her exact words with addition of quotes from ‘Paradise Lost’ by John Milton in order to emphasise that the character is not to be seen as a one-dimensional, cold blooded ‘monster’.

“She was charged with murder of a man whom she offered ‘delightful conversation’ and sex through (the) internet. When they met, she told him she was underage thus giving him a chance to redeem himself and say no.

“The man still wanted to proceed and started touching her, and because she was subject to brutal molestation by a relative at only three years old, it triggered her trauma and she stabbed him to death.

“In court, she admitted there were at least twenty-two other victims who were all molesters and hurt children, though her claims were never proved. She referred to her killing spree as the ‘dark rage’ and ‘darkness’ within her that was caused by her trauma, and said she ‘spared hundreds’ of girls from abuse.”

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