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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Onslaught press release

More press info from the Distortion Project:
The Distortion Project presents:
ONSLAUGHT http://www.myspace.com/onslaughtuk
DEVILMAKESTHREE http://www.myspace.com/devilmakesthree + more TBC
Friday 28th August. The Spring & Airbrake, Ormeau Avenue, Belfast. Doors 9pm.
Tickets (£11) available from katys dalys, auntie annies and all ticketmaster outlets. Web bookings: www.ticketmaster.ie, www.geturticket.com. Credit card hotline 0870 2434455
http://www.thedistortionproject.com http://www.myspace.com/distortionproject

"Onslaught was formed in 1982 by Nige Rockett (guitar) and Steve Grice (drums). The band began life under the influence of the second generation of hard-core punk bands like Discharge, G.B.H, & The Exploited and the more metallic Motorhead.

"After 2 years of writing and hard gigging a deal was secured with underground label 'Children of the Revolution Records' and the band released its first album, 'POWER FROM HELL' in 1985.

"The album was fervently received by the nascent thrash underground and contained a number of tracks that were to grow to become considered as thrash metal anthems, including the eponymous Onslaught (Power From Hell), Angels of Death and Death Metal (itself the subject of some conjecture – was this tune the first usage of the term ’Death Metal’ anywhere?)

"In 1986, Onslaught with the addition of new vocalist Sy Keeler signed to the mighty ’Music for Nations’ records and we saw the release of the highly acclaimed ’THE FORCE’ album.. For many this is the definitive Onslaught record, containing more thrash classics like ’Let There Be Death, Metal Forces and Fight with the Beast’, the album received rave reviews across the world and catapulted Onslaught in to the higher circles of thrash metal and were seen by many as Europe’s hopefuls to end the American domination of the metal scene.

"Touring with Motorhead, a legendary appearance at the 1st Dynamo Festival and shows with Anthrax and Nuclear Assault, simply added more firepower to Onslaught's ever growing arsenal.

"The huge success of ‘THE FORCE’ album saw a wealth of major labels chasing Onslaughts signatures for the release of the 3rd album ‘In Search Of Sanity’. The band eventually signed with ‘London records (Polygram)’ before releasing ISOS in 1989, but this was not to be without controversy... Sy Keeler was unceremoniously sacked by the record company and Steve Grimmett was brought in as his replacement.

"The ISOS album is the bands biggest selling release to date, containing blistering thrashers like ‘Lightning War’ ‘Powerplay’ and the truly epic ‘Welcome To Dying’. But once again internal problems reared their ugly head just as the band were tipped to rise to even bigger things, Steve Grimmett (who is appearing this weekend at Full Metal Racket) quit the band after less than 1 year in the ranks and Onslaught would eventually split in 1990.

"Move on - 2005........ The Onslaught back catalogue is re-released worldwide and shows that there is still a massive interest in the band, with a great deal of unfinished business and a great sense of under achievement still haunting the guys here was the opportunity to do something about it. Nige Rockett / Steve Grice / Jim Hinder & Sy Keeler along with new guitarist Al Jordan sign a deal with the prestigious 'Candlelight records' and set about work on the 4th ‘Slaught album.

"With producer Andy Sneap (Megadeth/Arch Enemy/Testament) at the helm, the beast that is KILLING PEACE was born... a monstrous slab of pure, uncompromising Thrash Metal. New tracks such as Burn - Killing Peace - Twisted Jesus - Shock & Awe, prove that Onslaught are back in brutally devastating form... The album was received to huge critical acclaim from the world’s metal press and fans alike and once again the band was back in rapid ascendency... Onslaught then took the album to the live stage with devastating effect, huge performances at Sweden Rock / Up From the Ground / Bang Your Head festivals to name just a few, have seen the band regain their reputation as a formidable live act....Playing over 180 shows/festivals in all corners of the globe, since returning.

"But as always there are casualties to success, due to the ever growing workload and promotional demands on the band following the release of KP, first Jim Hinder & later Al Jordan were unable to commit 100% to Onslaught’s future and reluctantly had to step down... Enter Jeff Williams (Bass) & Andy Rosser-Davies (Guitar), two phenomenal musicians, who have brought so much more to the Onslaught camp in terms of talent / attitude and aggression. Since their arrival the band has grown into a whole new machine, this has become clearly evident."

Prong - full details

Prong press release below:

The Distortion Project is very proud to present:
PRONG www.myspace.com/prong
Sunday 14th June, Spring & Airbrake, Ormeau Avenue, Belfast. Doors 8pm.

Tickets available from katys dalys, auntie annies and all ticketmaster outlets.
Web bookings: www.ticketmaster.ie, www.geturticket.com. Credit card hotline 0870 2434455
www.thedistortionproject.com www.myspace.com/distortionproject

"PRONG There is a price to pay for being the first at anything. PRONG have been carving their own brutal route since their formation only to see their distinctive sound borrowed, perverted and in some instances flat out stolen.

"With 1994’s landmark album Cleansing, PRONG cemented their reputation as leaders of the burgeoning industrial metal hardcore crossover movement. That album showcased a sharper yet more accessible sound with such MTV staples as the infectious “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck” and “Broken Peace”. The former of which became an MTV buzz clip and was very well received by the two most important critics of that era: Beavis & Butthead.

"The release of 1996’s Rude Awakening exposed PRONG’s songwriting prowess and many still say it was a victim of being too far ahead of its time. Rude Awakening paved the way for such artists as Static-X and Slipknot, drawing from many sources to create a new format for heavy guitar driven rock.

"After a seven-year hiatus PRONG returned with a new line-up and a new album, releasing Scorpio Rising in 2003. “I had to do something, no matter what it was” states mainman Tommy Victor. “Looking back, I don’t feel like it was an appropriate release under the PRONG moniker. I feel like the best is yet to come.”

"Victor spent the last year splitting his time between writing and touring with MINISTRY and writing the new PRONG album, using that time to hone the new PRONG material with a razorlike intensity. PRONG's staggeringly heavy new album Power of the Damager, is out now on Al Jourgenson of MINISTRY’s label 13th Planet Records.

"Power of the Damager is available from all retail and online outlets. It is also in stock and shipping now from the 13th Planet Store, which offers exclusive Prong shirts, signed posters and other items. The new album showcases an aggressive call to arms, blending the neck-snapping riffs the band is known for along with an even heavier approach to the hook and infusing that with an honest speed and aggression that lacks in so many newer acts. PRONG have returned to doing what they do best, and yet somehow it feels like something new all over again."

Therapy? for Download

Therapy? are to join The Answer (injuries allowing) as the Northern Ireland contingent on the ever-expanding Download line-up!

The band also play at The Nerve Centre, in Derry/Londonderry/Doire on May 14th backing their Crooked Timber CD. No Belfast date scheduled at the minute.

On the Therapy?/Answer theme, The Answer namecheck the seminal Therapy? 'pop metal' album on the track 'Cry Out' with the line "...getting high and hooked on Troublegum"

They also intrumentally pay hómage to SLF by using the Suspect Device riff to intro the track 'Belfast Town'.

While younger and some other readers may not appreciate this type of acknowledgement to the complex roots of modern day heavy music, suffice to say that Northern Ireland's complex hard rock, punk and heavy metal heritage is a heady mix of many influences...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

England, Greece, Belgium, and a few local lads

Saturday and metal chaos descends on the Mandella Hall with Full Metal Racket 2009.

Paradise Lost, Grim Reaper make up the English assault, with Greece represented by Rotting Christ and Airgead L'Amh, Thurisaz are the Belgian contenders. Local noise comes from Scald, Celtic Legacy, Sorrowfall, Sinnocence, For Ruin and Decayor.

Yep, it's an all ages mental metal day. Tickets (at an entirely reasonable £24.50 are still available from Ticketmaster or direct from www.fmr2009.com. Might even be a few at the door for the lucky ones!

And the next day the Mandella Hall gets a NWOBHM blitz from Saxon, Sweet Savage and Doro Pesch!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Down prices announced

Ticket prices for Down's June 15th gig at the Mandella Hall have been confirmed as £23.50, and according to CDC it's to be an all-ages show.

Static X have been listed on several sites as support, but it's not 100% yet.

Viking confirmation

Further to yesterday's post Amon Amarth's October show has now been confirmed. It will be on Friday, October 23rd, venue and ticket and drinking horn prices soon. This will be a Distortion Project Viking Metal Hell Comes to Belfast show. :)

Tonight's Answer show postponed

Tonight's Mandella Hall gig by the Answer has been postponed. Details from CDC below:


Due to ligament / tendon damage to drummer James Heatleys left hand, THE ANSWER regrets to announce the postponement of their imminent UK headline club shows. The affected shows are as follows:

Apr 20th Belfast Mandela Hall
Rescheduled date now confirmed for Belfast
Monday 29th June
(All tickets valid for new date)


Says singer Cormac Neeson, “We are bitterly disappointed to have to postpone our UK headline shows especially for all our fans who have been waiting so patiently for so long. We have left the decision to the absolute last minute in the hope that the medical problem with our drummer James might get better. Unfortunately his hand is swollen and he is in immense pain. He has struggled with pain-killers to get through the recent 30 minute support sets on the AC/DC tour and whilst he can perform a short support set, it is a medical impossibility for him to perform a full one hour and fifteen minute headline set at present.

"We are all very upset that we cannot play our full headline show and we will reschedule the postponed shows as soon as we can. "

From everyone here, the very best to James for a speedy recovery - see you in June!

"Furthermore and as a token of our appreciation to all our disappointed fans we will provide a free and new limited signed tour poster for everyone who has purchased a ticket and this will be distributed at the rescheduled shows.

"Once again we are very sorry at not being able to perform but you know we would never postpone any show unless it was an absolute necessity and in this case we are all hoping that James will make a swift and speedy recovery”

For further details on the rescheduled shows please check http://www.theanswer.ie/ and www.myspace.com/theanswerrock

Gates of Slumber

With the hectic week ahead...you can start planning the following week when the Distortion Project presents:
GATES OF SLUMBER. www.myspace.com/thegatesofslumber
CROWNING GLORYwww.myspace.com/crowningglory
TWO TALES OF WOEwww.myspace.com/twotalesofwoe
Monday 27th April, Auntie Annies, Dublin Road, Belfast. Doors 9pm, £7

Who are Gates of Slumber?
“Axe smashing, bare chested, mega muscled, mighty thewed, old school DOOM metal” –
"Indianapolis doom metal trio Gates of Slumber formed in the late 1990’s with the goal of creating a band whose sound delivered an updated take on the member’s long list of favorite heavy metal greats.
"Weaned on Black Sabbath, St. Vitus, the melodic might of Iron Maiden and a host of classic bands from Thin Lizzy to Rainbow to Mercyful Fate, they draw deep from heavy metal's most powerful blood and deliver doom in its purest form."

Who are Crowning Glory: "Forged in the dank, dark taverns of London in April 2005; Crowning Glory deliver a punishing mix of tight riffs, rollercoaster guitar solos and soaring vocals which carve out a sound harking back to the glory days of metal; when Motorhead, Maiden and Priest ruled the world."

Now you know!

Amon ahead to viking metal in Belfast

Rumours abound that Amon Amarth are to bring their unique and deadly brand of viking metal to Belfast this autumn.

The Swedish crew released one of last year's most hailed albums in the shape of Twilight of the Thunder God. Even those who have an aversion to 'cookie monster' vocals found this to be a superior take on thrash, death and classic metal. The epic nature of the tracks realised the potential the band had threatened for so long and coalesced the promise of previous platter 'With Oden on Our Side'.

Now it seems that Amon are to slot a Belfast date into their autumn UK tour...speculated date is October 24th. Confirmation expected before end of the month if not sooner.

Too much rock to cope with...NOT!

The Answer at the Mandella Hall...Supersuckers at Spring & Airbrake...Cancer Bats at the same place...Full Metal Racket (Paradise Lost etc)..Saxon with Sweet Savage and Doro (at the Mandella)...NOFX...(at the Spring and Airbrake)

Seven days of deadly rock action with sounds to suit all tastes: extreme metal, doom rock, hard rock, NWOBHM, pop politico-punk, and Doro Pesch as well.

Is this too much rock to cope with. Nah!

Time for The Answer to headline

Tonight (Monday) The Answer storm into town to thank loyal local fans as during a very brief break from their continent spanning support slot to AC/DC.

For those not able to get along to the Mandella Hall...fear not.

Northern Ireland's favourite hard rockers have announced a headline 'Everyday Demons' tour, which will end at The Ulster Hall on December 14th.

And don't forget to vote for The Answer as Belfast British Act in the Metal Hammer Golden Gods!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Vote early, vote often for The Answer

The Answer (who play at the Mandella Hall on Monday night, April 20th!) have been shortlisted for Metal Hammer's Golden Gods awards in the 'Best British Act' category. This is one of the categories that you, faithful readers of this blog (amongst others...) can vote in.

While is a tremendous accolade for The Answer, their ranking depends on y'all heading to the site and voting for Norn Iron's finest rock 'n' roll band.

To cast your vote head click here and...as a certain political party from these parts once said..."vote early, vote often"!

Oh, there are a few other categories that you can vote in too, but click to help take The Answer to the top...after all Iron Maiden have got more awards than they can shake an 'eavy fuggin' metal stick at, and they even have a film coming out (in the Odeon Belfast next week)

Coach to Metallica (..and DC)

For those of you wondering how to get to see Metallica and company in Dublin on August 1st, without the hassle of bus/train to Dublin travel to Marlay Park, transfer back from etc etc, we had a comment on the gig notice from John Quigley of Coaches to Concerts. For 25 notes, return fare...mmmmmm, good value!

Call John on 07747700820 or email johnmquigley@yahoo.com for details. http://www.coachestoconcerts.co.uk/

As they say on the BBC other coach operators are available, but John was the only concerned about you, constant readers, that posted details.

And...if you are heading to see AC/DC and The Answer tomorrow at The Point...sorry O2 Arena in Dub, John has a few spaces left. Contact him to grab one!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's Answer time...but hurry up!

Monday night is The Answer's first Belfast gig since the release of their superb CD Everyday Demons. But if you haven't got your ticket for the Mandella Hall gig yet, you'll have to hurry up. Promoter, CDC entertainment, says there are very few of the £10 tickets left!

If you want to grab one they're available from Ticketmaster, Katy Daly's and the QUB Student's Union.

And, if you can't manage to snap one up, there's always the Supersuckers/Nashville Pussy double bill at the Spring and Airbrake on the same night...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

From the ashes rises...a rock night!

As you will have already read the Antrim Rock Fest 09 has been killed off by residents. Below is the official press release, and confirmation that the Seven Bar and Diner rock nights will kick off on 24th April. Doors 9pm, £3 with the Dark Angels at the helm DJing.

Antrim Rock Fest Cancelled

The hotly anticipated rock festival ‘Antrim Rock Fest 09’ has unfortunately been cancelled due to complaints by local residents.

With over 1,100 tickets sold for the end of May event, it was shaping up to be Northern Ireland’s largest live music festival. If you have already purchased a ticket from Ticketmaster, they will be crediting your debit card with a refund. For those of you who had journeyed up to SEVEN (formerly Shanogue House) on the Sevenmile Straight to buy tickets, they will fully refund you also.

Event promoter Daniel McCartney from 3D Productions (
www.3dni.co.uk) commented, “It’s an absolute shame that this event is not going ahead. We are very disappointed as you can imagine. Antrim could do with a bit of good publicity at the moment, and with this festival it could have brought thousands of live music enthusiasts from all over Ireland” he added, “You can be sure there will be an Antrim Rock Fest 2010, it will just have to be held in a far off field, miles away from any residents. Be sure to log onto www.antrimrockfest.com for details”.

On a smaller scale, SEVEN is about to launch a new Rock Night on Fridays starting the 24th April. Resident rock chic DJs the ‘Dark Angels’ will be joined by a different rock band every week for a night of ‘full on’ rock music. They’re calling it the “Stick it to the man” mini-rockfest! Doors open at 9pm and admission is only £3.

It looks like SEVEN is now going down the ‘live music’ route after the recent success of the Chicago blues band the Pontiax. A full house of 30 to 50 somethings turned up for a very entertaining night of live music, and the Pontiax have already pen’d in another date for Saturday 9th May. Starting in May, every Saturday will play host to a live band. Whether it be a Garth Brooks or Blues Brothers tribute, or just a great cover band, live music is now the thing. Plus every Sunday night there’s an acoustic artist taking stage for a more relaxing ‘end of week’ style live music set. All in all, things are definitely coming aLive at SEVEN!

SEVEN Bar & Diner on the Sevenmile Straight, Antrim. Tel: 028 9442 8510

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Anger, angst, fire and fury

A Little Bitter are one of the rarest breeds in heavy metal and hard rock - that select few who acknowledge their influences, then use those self-same influences in an alchemy of delightful noise. Their second album, New Dawn Evolution has the trio building on their impressive début, 'The Blood' with a fury few can match, and hidden subtlely that is rewarded on repeated listens.

It is a ten-track tour de force of heavy eloquence. Opening with 'Battlesong', the listener is battered by a statement of intent from a band that has matured and come up with more fire in their bellies than a hundred wannabies. It closes with the plaintive acoustic 'Twist Her', putting anguish to an achingly haunting cry from the heart.

These two tracks sandwich a diverse set of songs that both blister ears and challenge perceptions as to how bands are supposed to sound in these days of pundits trying to shoehorn acts into pre-conceived genre labels.

Confounding the clichés New Dawn Evolution displays charm and wit, defly demonstrated in power riffage and the ability to use the music to display light and shade. That deftness of touch adds to the sheer weightiness of the tracks.

'Dark Tide' nods to the Celtic Rock heritage of Lizzy and Horslips, but in a progressive arrangement. 'Genghis' out hardcores the hardcore, but is even more intense for it's quieter moments. 'Healing' has rage in words and riffs. To list the features of each track would be to deny the purchaser the joy of discovery.

New Dawn Evolution is by equal turn bravura without the bluster; and literate without showiness.

Jonny's vocals are more dynamic this time. On one song he sounds like the most pissed off man on these islands; the next a man bearing more pain than any other. His solos are more considered this time out, with a definite nod to some 80s tone, but in a modern setting and arrangement.

The rhythm section of Seamy and Darren have an intensity and sheer heaviness, which coupled to the Neal Calderwood's pristine production lends an element that was needed to take A Little Bitter to the next level.

While début platter, The Blood, had an excess of good tunes, at times there seemed to be a sub-conscious desire to strive for accessibility on some tracks. New Dawn Evolution's songs do not have the immediacy of 'Angel' or 'Jebus' (from The Blood), but put the effort in and there is many more rewards this time out.

A first listen may have heads nodding and feet tapping. Listen again and you'll be taken by every track, 'Shake' will have you wondering about relationships that have been screwed up, while 'Twist Her' will have you thinking about every break up you've caused or been on the receiving end. (Kudos too for the lyrical nod to the aforementioned Angel.)

This is not a flawless album - there is no such thing. A very few times there is a sameness about one or two applications of the guitar tones. It is thankfully a very minor gripe. It is more than made up by the sheer musicianship on display, and the strength of each and every track.

Make no mistake about it - if you liked The Blood, you'll love this. If you haven't heard A Little Bitter before then there can only be one question: why the fuck not! Get yer asses in gear, head over to http://www.alittlebitter.co.uk/ and book your copy of New Dawn Revolution.

New Dawn Revolution is released on May 1st.
A Little Bitter have confirmed tour dates on:
May 1st - Jaggers, Dungannon
May 2nd - RockD:@The Limelight, Belfast
May 8th - Northern Bar, Armagh
May 9th - Cellar Bar, Draperstown
May 22nd -Mason's, Derry
More dates to follow.

Sometimes when you been away coming back is all the sweeter

SWEET Savage's return to the metal fold has been building for a wee while now. From being joined onstage by mega-metal star James Hetfield, through to last year's triumphant homecoming gig, the veteran Belfast metallers have been building up a head of steam.

This month they join a clasic NWOBHM metal line-up as part of Saxon's Battalions of Steel II tour, which touches down in Belfast 's Mandella Hall on April 26th.

"Can't wait," enthuses Sweet Savage's guitarist, Ian 'Speedo' Wilson. "We played with Saxon last year and are really looking forward to this 10-date tour. With Biff and the guys at Saxon and Doro [Pesch] it's shaping up to be a great tour for all of those, of any age, who love the vibe and feel of good old fashioned heavy metal."

But for Sweet Savage, other developments are just as important.

"We've just put the finishing touches to the new album, which is shaping up really well," said Speedo. "We're having a tough time deciding what we leave out!

"Before we end the Saxon tour we hope to have a release date set, and we're aleady looking forward to gigging in support of it. If you can make it along to the Mandella Hall, we might eve air a track or two!"

"Our return to form has been bubbling away for a while now, and we're all just delighted to be finally getting there with new material and feeling more enthusiastic than ever. Thanks to all of you out there who have kept the Sweet Savage dream alive!"

Tickets for gig are available at all usual outlets.

Chill out before overloading

Fancy chilling out before the Easter Overload at The Rosetta this coming Saturday? Then head on down to Katy Daly's on Saturday afternoon when ex-Almighty (and damn fine solo artist) Ricky Warwick will be playing a solo acoustic set. Doors open at 3.30, and it ends at 8pm...just enough time to catch a quick taxi up to the Rosie!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sod the Easter Eggs...go for Easter Overload

Sod the Easter Eggs...go for Easter Overload. Head on up to the Rosetta on Easter Saturday, for a mini-metal fest that's packed with the sort of noise that will roll the rock away from a tomb.

Overoth, Sorrowfall, Sinnocence, Residual Effect, Ozzmium, Of One Blood, and Mental Deficiency are the bill, £6 the price. That's cheaper than scavanging the shops for discounted Easter Eggs!

Antrim Rockfest cancelled

Seems that local residents have put the mockers on the Antrim Rockfest on May 30th. The event was scheduled to see several top line local acts (Sorrowfall, Residual Effect), plus Dublin hard rockers, Glyder appear.

Means that there's an opportunity to head along to Interrogate's album launch at The Limelight.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Important Distortion Project News

Important announcement from James of the The Distortion Project...

"As part of our continuing involvement in the metal scene, and our dedication to both local bands and international touring bands, as well as our desire to offer bands a better type of Distortion Project show, we are pleased and proud to announce the following:

"From the Saturday 2nd of May onwards, all rocKD shows will take place in the Limelight. This will allow us to do a number of things.

"Firstly, there will be 3 bands every week, as opposed to two and there will be a new (later) door time of 5.00pm.

"There are plans afoot to knock through the Kitchen in the Limelight to create a smoking area, and a place where people may set up stalls to sell their wares - a kind of "metal-market" type thing similar to what you get at festivals. (interested parties drop me a line about this).

"There are also plans to extend the curtain where the small bar is, to make the venue smaller on less busy days, so it wont feel as if the bands are playing to nobody in a big empty hall.

"I'm particularly pleased about this upgrade, as it will now give the bands full use of the Limelight, a bigger stage and a better gig overall. The new curfew is now 9pm All bands that I have booked to play after May 2nd for a Saturday show will now be in The Limelight.

"May is the month of album launches it seems, so here is the full rundown for that month.
Saturday May 2nd. A Little Bitter + Tapasia + Arcane. **A Little Bitter Album Launch.** Doors 5pm, £5.00

Saturday May 9th. Sinocence + Residual Effect + Rebels by Nature + Trucker Diablo. **Sinocence album (re)launch** Doors 5pm, £5.00

Saturday May 16th. Pagan Altar + Grimpine Mire + 2 TBC. Doors 5pm, £8.00 Saturday May 23rd. TBC.

Saturday May 30th. Interrogate + Triggerman + No Grace Given. **Interrogate album launch** Doors 5pm, £5.00

Down & Static X

Official confirmation coming soon (well, as the promoter has emailed to say yes...pretty much 100%), Down and Static X are playing the Limelight on 15th June....Yee hah!


Despite national announcements that this was a Limelight gig, confirmed as a Mandella Hall over 18s show

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Been away a while...but back with a vengeance...

For various (boring reasons) and not least owing to dangerous levels of blood in my alcohol stream, Belfastmetalheadsreuited has been down for a while...now it's back, and back with a vengeance.

Over the next few days there's much to catch up on...here's a flavour:
Countervela, Triggerman and Gacys Threads. Auntie Annies on Thursday (tomorrow!)
The Metal Blade Assault tour lands in Belfast on April 4th with The Rotted, Malefice and Anterior in the Limelight;
Charity metal with Residual Effect and others on April 7th at The Black Box (in aid of the Haematology Unit at the RVH);
Cancer Bats/Rolo Tomassi/Psychic Kids at the Spring & Airbrake on 23rd April;
Paradise Lost, Grim Reaper and a host of others ripping apart the Mandella Hall for an all ages Full Metal Racket at the Mandella Hall on April 25th;
Saxon and Sweet Savage...the next night!
The new A Little Bitter album (New Dawn Evolution) launched on May 2nd at The Limelight
Firebirds/Gentlemen's Pistols/Skypilot descending on Belfast on 5th June;
Prong playing the Spring & Airbrake on 14th June; and...and....

Therapy? in Derry (May 14th), The Answer in Belfast (20th April), Tesla (June 11th), UFO (June 12th), the possibility of a November Deep Purple Belfast show (keep that one to yourself...), Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction playing Oxygen in July...Onslaught coming to Belfast on August 28th

Damn there's so much more to catch up on, so much more to share we're off to share a shandy, batter a brandy and intimidate a Jagermeister (though not necessarily in that order!)

More and more posts coming your way...thanks to everyone who commented, emailed, complained, nagged, whined and gave off that the blogs were not coming as think and fast as y'all wanted!