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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Don't forget

While we all sit with bated breath anticipating all the new and original acts playing in Belfast, and the multi-platinum super-groups playing Dublin, don't forget Bon Jovi Experience are playing at The Empire, Belfast on Saturday night. See ya at the bar!

More gigs announced

Kerbdog, Kilkenny's finest metal exports (actually there only ones!) are playing at the Spring and Airbrake on 28th December. Hilariously Wonderland Promotions say they are: 'a heavy metal band from Kilkenny in southern Ireland. Their music has been described as "an unbending alloy of matt-black, titanium-tough metal and shimmering melody.", in contrast to compatriots U2s "fake authenticity" and the "tyranny of soul" espoused by Van Morrison".' Fuck sake guys wind yer necks in!

Also announced is Fightstar (26th March also in the Spring and Airbrake). Wonderland says: "Fightstar have a wealth of decent tunes up their collective sleeves, and come across sounding like Biffy Clyro meets Thursday, rather than Good Charlotte" - Rock Sound... "genuinely impressive slabs of intelligent and passionate heavy rock" - The Daily Star." They fail to mention that Fighstar is Charlie from Busted with a few mates trying desperately to gain credibility and an eyebrow razor.

Stones in Europe

Hey the Strollin' Bones - sorry Rolling Stones - are touring Europe and have slotted a gig for Dublin on 18th August. Now why should that bother a self-respecting metal blog? Well:
  • In the US 'Tallica and Crue have both been support acts, so maybe there's some hope of a decent line-up
  • It may be the last chance to see Mick and Keef before they die
  • It will be the last chance to see Keef before he shames himself in Pirates of the Carribean 24
  • They did end the Hippy era at Altamont though not intentionally
  • WASP did a kick ass version of Paint It Black
  • Sympathy for the Devil is a bad nasty song :) with lyrics that could have been penned by any number of Norwegian Black/Death metallers and Guns 'n' Roses did a snazzy cover of it for the Interview with a Vampire flick.

Ok, these are fairly flimsy reasons, but it's a chance for Belfast Metal Reunited's gig reviewers to go down to Dublin and get pissed!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

More pix

Colin's the man!

Darkness and SOAD new albums

The Darkness and System of a Down new platters of musical excellence descended upon Belfast Metal Reunited's Decks of Doom this week. Mmmm, long considered reviews were called for, but we told those calling to shut up, we was listening to some RAWK N ROLLLL BABY!

Okay, that's exaggerating, we were listening to one CD of metal that was weirder than a bag of squirrels doing acid while listening to Slayer, and another one that passed over the top on the way to lunacy. Yep that's the metal in us all....

But seriously folks the System of a Down platter (Mesmerize) is a seriously (that's two seriously's in one sentence, shit now three: English Language Editor) weird and wonderful CD. Flawed in places but overall very good. If it were the old days of Kerrang! they'd get four and a half Ks.

Only gripe is that it seems that the weirdos who once put out a CD called 'Steal This Album' are ripping us off a wee bit by putting out two CDs that would have been a better double album.

That aside various arses are kicked on this and the Sabbathy riffs keep it all nailed down when the tunes emerge kicking and screaming!

As to The Darkness...I was going to give a long, considered review to match those in Classic Rock, The Sunday Times (Yes, strange but true!), Metal Hammer, Kerrang etc...But on reflection I have to say the best review comes from Baal. His words of wisdom? "The New Queen!" Nuff Said!

Funny as ....

Sometimes you come across something genuinely funny! Check out this link http://www.theonion.com/content/node/42365 - it's a hoot and proves satire isn't dead! (Thanks to www.anthrax.com for drawing it to Belfast Metal Reunited's attention!

Monday, November 28, 2005

More super pix from Colin a.k.a. lensman extraordinaire

From the depths of the pit he emerges camera in hand, steely eye gazing and snaps off more shots we here at Belfast Metal Reunited are privileged to reproduce for you!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Life of Agony

Influencial 90s New York crossover metal band, Life of Agony are another set to play Belfast. They are due to rock it up at the Spring and Airbrake on December 12th. But if that all sounds too metal for you The Proclaimers are playing three nights earlier at the same spot...

Tickets from usual outlets...

Friday, November 18, 2005

Soulfly Belfast gig

Max Cavalera's Soulfly are set to bring their roots metal to Belfast on Sunday, January 29th; Spring and Airbrake. There are still those that think of Max and automatically think of Sepultura - despite the fact that Dark Ages, out recently, is Soulfly's fifth album. Log on to www.soulfly.com for more details including a link to an e-card with all the albums tracks.

Tickets for the concert are available from Virgin, Katy Daly's and all the usual suspects!

Excellent Priest and Scorps pix - ta Colin!

More excellent pix from Colin, this time from March's Priest and Scorps concert at the Odyssey - prints available from Colin, for a reasonable renumeration!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Darkness sneak snared

Some sneaky people tried to sell an advance copy of The Darkness's new album on e-bay and look like being snared big time! Justin has bought back a copy at £350 and each of the review CDs a code to track who it went to (see BBC story below)

Justin, if you want to make sure it only goes to trusted reviewers the Belfast MEtal Reunited review team are ready, willing and able to help!


Support for Trivium

Word reaches Belfast Metal Reunuited HQ that God Forbid and Blood Simple will be providing support for Trivium on March 5th at the Ulster Hall. Looks like being a heavy night! Just have to make sure the beer flows freely, despite it being a Sunday night!

Darkness ticket prices

Fancy going along to The Darkness on February 5th at The Odyssey? Then shell out £27.50 or £30 on Friday (it's the day the tickets go on sale!)

Friday, November 04, 2005

Our cry is heard!

Less than a few hours after our last post our cry has been answered! The Darkness have announced a Belfast date - February 5th at the Odyssey. Tickets are on sale November 11th.

Their new album 'One Way Ticket to Hell & Back' is out on November 28th

Now: catsuits drycleaned, pouts for the camera all checked out - god this is so sad, but if it is anything like VItal it actually might be a good gig! Strange but true!

Bring light into the Darkness

Oh, dear, the world has turned into a very strange place...The Darkness appear at Belfast Zoo with Radio One's Colin Murray and then Ticketmaster announce The Darkness are to play The Point in Dublin. Is there a subliminal message here about Belfast rock/metal fans? Do we care? Well, just a little bit! ANNOUNCE A BELFAST GIG!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

And one for the beardies

Biffy Clyro are set to play the Spring and Airbrake on December 7th. Not everybody's cup of tea I know, but they are weird enough to please a few. Even weirder though is that after Belfast they have a four date stand at Glasgow's 'King Tut's Wah Wah Hut' Now that's a proper name for a venue!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Another DIO pic

Yet another DIO pic...this time in the grasp of Maggie and Sylv...