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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Darkness and SOAD new albums

The Darkness and System of a Down new platters of musical excellence descended upon Belfast Metal Reunited's Decks of Doom this week. Mmmm, long considered reviews were called for, but we told those calling to shut up, we was listening to some RAWK N ROLLLL BABY!

Okay, that's exaggerating, we were listening to one CD of metal that was weirder than a bag of squirrels doing acid while listening to Slayer, and another one that passed over the top on the way to lunacy. Yep that's the metal in us all....

But seriously folks the System of a Down platter (Mesmerize) is a seriously (that's two seriously's in one sentence, shit now three: English Language Editor) weird and wonderful CD. Flawed in places but overall very good. If it were the old days of Kerrang! they'd get four and a half Ks.

Only gripe is that it seems that the weirdos who once put out a CD called 'Steal This Album' are ripping us off a wee bit by putting out two CDs that would have been a better double album.

That aside various arses are kicked on this and the Sabbathy riffs keep it all nailed down when the tunes emerge kicking and screaming!

As to The Darkness...I was going to give a long, considered review to match those in Classic Rock, The Sunday Times (Yes, strange but true!), Metal Hammer, Kerrang etc...But on reflection I have to say the best review comes from Baal. His words of wisdom? "The New Queen!" Nuff Said!


Anonymous said...

Too right J!!! How can i not love an album thats got a song about me on it................BALD!!!! Fucking Slapheads rule OK :)


Jonny said...

Slapheads aren't exactly treated in a complementary way tho'

However, one must say that the bagpipes on Hazel Eyes just about make the album - have to say that the production at times does creep into Queen parody. Good thing or bad thing remains open to debate