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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Less than 24 hours

There are now less than 24 hours before your Belfast Metal Reunited correspondent stumbles into the Dublin night after the exhiliration of seeing Maiden (again).

But first, a few words on the spat between Mr Dickinson and one Sharon Osbourne - Fuck off Sharon! There, that's a few words. Remember Sharon that bands like Trivium have told the tale of who was asking for eggs to be thrown...

Now stop destroying my delerious memories of Ozzy and Sabbath. And for fuck sake can you not take a joke? Can you not take a bit of a slagging? It's only rock 'n' roll y'know! What is it, are you now down to your last £40 million promoting sad pop fucks on Shit Factor? C'mon, we the people whose money helped put you and Ozzy in the lap of luxury could not give two flying gypsy fucks for those sad wanks. Now go back into your box, respect Maiden and let Ozzy retire peacefully with our glorious memories of Sabbath and Early Ozzy intact. Please

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Maiden set list Reading

For those of you (including me:) ) journeying forth to Dublin to see Maiden some foreknowledge...the set-list they played at Reading was as follows:
  • Murders In The Rue Morge
  • Another Life
  • Prowler
  • The Trooper
  • Remember Tomorrow
  • Run To The Hills
  • Wrathchild
  • Revelations
  • Where Eagles Dare
  • Die With Your Boots On
  • Phantom Of The Opera
  • The Number Of The Beast
  • Hallowed Be Thy Name
  • Iron Maiden

That's about a 75% hit rate for my fav tracks off the first four albums - but come on guys!
No Running Free!
No Charlotte the Harlot!
No Killers!
No Drifter! Please, please, please...slot these in!
And if you throw in Innocent Exile and Purgatory I promise not to stage dive and try and give Dave (what a guy) Murray high fives in the middle of a solo unlike last time in Dublin (okay, I'm sorry, I was very drunk and very happy as it was the first time I'd seen Maiden since Donington 1988!)

PS: Where did Mastodon go from the bill. I mean Turbonegro are funny, but accomplished musicians they ain't!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Did I laugh...

There are times when you have to take your life and sanity in your hands. This I did tonight. For my son at a mere eight years of age had not been allowed to go to 'proper' concerts. Therefore I agreed to take him to the Loughshore Festival tonight where Kiss tribute band 'Hotter than Hell' were playing.

What a mistake!

Support came from local act Payola. The years earning their crust playing crap gigs and half empty bars showed as they turned in a great set. Their own songs actually played better than the covers. The cover of Ace of Spades was defintiely a mistake!

Then came to this lowly stage the Kiss tribute band. Fucking hell that was the most disappointing pyro ever! The Gene Simmons character had bigger man boobs than me, the version of Deuce was muddy and after a half decent cover of Heaven's on Fire I decided that this was to be the highlight of the night after three songs and bade the balmy shoreline festival my leave.

Arriving home I pressed the tape of Double Platinum into my son's hands with the words "The Real Thing wee man, the real thing..."

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Favourite gigs

There's always a debate about the best gig you've ever been at. New Kerrang editor Paul Brannigan (a gentleman who hails from Newcastle, Co Down) mentions this week that his first gig was WASP at the Ulster Hall (I was there too) in 1988. If any of you fancy telling us scribes here at Belfast Metal Reunited which was your favourite gig fire away by posting a comment.

For me it would be a difficult choice. Metallica and Anthrax at the Ulster Hall was outstanding - and the only time I got to see the late great Cliff playing; windmill headbanging and mighty bass playing. Also Donnington 1988 with Maiden was pretty outstanding. No on second thoughts it was fucking brilliant! Megadeth were average (which was good for them); Kiss were drab, Dave Lee Roth was funny but not much else, but Guns 'n' Roses were outstanding even if it tragically resulted in two deaths (and I was caught in the crush). But when Maiden came on stage it was sublime.

The stage was ridiculous, as was the bands on stage garb, but the music was simply outstanding, with a range and diversity of songs that rocked everyone's socks off; not to mention a fireworks display that was outrageous!

Don't forget, tell us your best gig moments...