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Friday, September 30, 2005

Glam and weirdness...

First we hear the strange and weird news that LA Guns are to play at the Rosetta (14th October) in Belfast. C'mon that's all a little on the fucked up side of too strange for most. The Rosetta has been a stalwart of the local metal scene for so many years that I fear the onset of Alzheimers just trying to remember the gigs of many local cover bands there in the late 80s.

And why, oh, why are LA Guns - one of the half dozen hair bands from that era that meant anything - playing in such a venue. Fuck knows and he ain't telling...

Then as if Fozzy, Dragonforce and the mighty Dio weren't enough, we learn that Deicide are playing in Dulin. Excuse me, I need a lie down in a darkened room listening to Have a Nice Day and Dark Light...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

For all fans of Lizzy...

For all fans of Lizzy I have a blog which features my rather average short story and other writing. I drafted a mock film script that I may be able to persuade somebody, someday to film, but has a Lizzy theme running through it. While it deals with serious issues, it is also about being a fan, and if ever made it's about the bonds music can make for life. If you feel up to it visit http://belfastrockerwriting.blogspot.com/ and tell me what you think and whether it will be worth pitching to the Northern Ireland Film Commission to make it into a flick.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hide the acoustic!

Occassionally I verge on insanity - hence I purchased the Bon Jovi new slab of CD for The Warden. Now don't get me wrong, Jon has put a few good tracks together in his time, but incereasginly over recent years he has been, well how can I say it, mellow!

At Donington '87 he rocked the crowd into submission and on the New Jersey tour did the same thing at Belfast's King's Hall.

Then why the hell did they let him near an acoustic guitar. The acoustics are littered all over the Have a Nice Day CD like spots on a chickenpox victim. Most of the tracks are okay - there are even one or two good ones. But will somebody hide that man's acoustic! Jon, you may be pushing on a bit in years, but dammit if we head to Dublin to see you on your tour, lose the bloody acoustic and rock out like you used to do!

All well's at The Empire

Saturday night, Belfast's Empire and another tribute band...By Jovi were there a couple of weeks back, and this time it was the turn of Limehouse Lizzy.

Now there are many who question the validity, not to mention the raison d'etre of such tribute acts (myself included in the past). However, fair play to Wayne and the guys from Limehouse; they turned in a great faithful set, and most importantly the crowd lapped it up. Yeah, it wasn't the real deal (that is of course impossible) but they laid down the tracks with vigour, the people drank and a good time was had by all!

Fair price, fair pints, fair show - as the colloquialism would have it, fair enough mate!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

How can I afford all this - an appeal

Dear Belfast Metal Reunited reader. It is with heavy heart I make this post. Cuz, at the rate of current great concerts appearing in future listings I will soon not be able to eat. Yes, in order to keep up with the pace, all thoughts of food will now be gone.

Not only do we have Trivium, Dio, Dragonforce, etc, we now have Foo Fighters announcing a Dublin date at the Point on (20th December, tickets on sale 16th September); HIM annoucing a Dublin date(January)...It just simply isn't possible for your faithful blogger to keep up!

And that's not even counting the My Chemical Romance date in November...

Please give generously to this appeal - cash or beer tokens gratefully accepted :)

Til then I'm off to see Limehouse Lizzy on Saturday night at the Empire!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Reasons to love HIM

HIM - they might be sorta goth, but we love them, cuz:
  • They love Black Sabbath;
  • They have some pretty nifty tunes;
  • My daughter loves them, no old rockers like me don't stand a chance of escaping;
  • They played a damn good gig in Belfast last year;
  • They like Cathderal;
  • They're new single rocks like a bastard!; and,
  • Ville is so grammatically correct, ya just gotta love 'im

So, go to http://www.myspace.com/heartagram and find out more!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Upgrade DIO

No I'm not talking about helping Ronnie James grow - he's too old for that! I'm talking about a campaign to make sure that the little old wrinkled one plays at a venue befitting his reputation and his (diminutive) stature as one of the voices that carried so much of our youthful years. For fuck's sake, he powered Rainbow and post-Ozzy Sabbath, and then unleashed Holy Diver! (Ahh, sweet memories of the Antrim Forum gig!)


I call on all of you to call, mail, email and demand of Wonderland Promotions that L'il Ronnie plays at a larger venue. Even if, like me, you already have your ticket, let's get Dio at the Ulster Hall. Alternatively he could play in my back garden...I promise to cut the grass and generally tidy the place up if he does....

Monday, September 12, 2005

Curriculum shock!

Iron Maiden to be added to National Curriculum shock!

News has leaked from the Council for Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment that an Iron Maiden GCSE is shortly to be added to the Northern Ireland school curriculum. A source at the CCEA revealed:

"Well, through Iron Maiden the kids can learn about:
  • The pogrom of Native Americans in the 19th Century (Run to the Hills);
  • Greek Mythology (Flight of Icarus);
  • the History of the Crimean War and Lord Tennyson's War Poetry (The Trooper; with de-caff Trooper for those in Nationalist schools who might not want the Union Jack thing);
  • the Second World War (Aces High);
  • Great English Poets - Samuel Taylor Coleridge (Rime of the Ancient Mariner);
  • Persian and Greek wars (Alexander The Great)
  • Contemporary English Fiction (The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner);
  • English Arthouse/Cult cinema (The Wicker Man);
  • The impact of Viking culture (Invaders);
  • Plus many other topics including a psychological approach to phobias through music (Fear of the Dark).

"Hell," went on our source, "It's more than the wee scrotes learn at A-Level"

A spokesman for Maiden said: "Well, Sharon Osbourne is a wanker" but we at Belfast Metal Reunited decided not to publish that....oops, we just did!

Hall of famers

Just a few short weeks after getting their own star on a pavement in Holywood Iron Maiden were inducted into the Kerrang Hall of Fame. Well done lads! After seeing you again in Dublin on August 31st, and having all the albums collected, having seen you at Donington '88, and the Point Theatre, Dublin on the Dance of Death, and having my son and daughter now become fans...well you have my backing. Now what about a secret gig in Belfast to warm up for your next tour...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Maiden, Maiden, Maiden

There comes a time in your life, when 40 is a couple of years away and you think to yourself that maybe your getting a little too old for Iron Maiden. Well, if this happening to you, buy a gun and shoot yourself!

The sight of 40,000 plus people headbanging, moshing, jumping, screaming and generally having a great time at Dublin's RDS Arena was enough to re-vitalise the coldest, deadest metal heart.

"Iron Maiden's gonna get ya?" Too fucking right mate!

Maiden do, like Ronseal, exactly what it says on the tin! Deliver, tight, uncompromising metal - singalongs, banter and classics.

The sound of 40,000 plus people singing along to Run To The Hills, Number of the Beast, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Running Free etc shook the foundations (cliché there, sorry) of the RDS, and warmed many a heart.

And Bruce has matured to the point were his onstage banter is professional, but more importantly honest. He dealt with an early technical problem with aplomb and then discussed - yes, you got that right discussed - the controversial flying of the Union Jack at the Point Theatre during the Dance of Death tour.

The only bigger gig in Dublin in 2005 was some half-forgotten post punk band that go by the name of U2. While they may have had more people at Croke Park, one has to wonder if that crowd would have had half the passion of the many crowded into the RDS on August 31st.

Did you see the Maiden reviews in the papers? No fucking chance, there weren't any!

But we here at Belfast Metal Reunited were there, and more importantly discovered that Maiden read this blog. (Actually we're not that sure...)

At Reading Maiden ended with Iron Maiden. After that we published an empassioned plea for Running Free, Drifter and Killers.

To our surprise, delight and spilled pints of Miller, Maiden emerged after Iron Maiden to play stunning versions of Running Free and Drifter!!!! We assume that the restrictions on time meant they couldn't squeeze in Killers, but thanks Bruce, Steve, Dave, Adrian, Janick and Nicko - a helluva show - can't wait til next time!

All together now: Scream for Me Dublin...Maiden, Maiden, Maiden...

Manson in Dublin shocker!

Okay, what wit decided to have have goth/shock rocker Marilyn Manson supporting Iron Maiden. After all traditional metal and goth surely is like oil and water!

But, surprisingly (to Baal at least!) Manson turned in a good set.

Of course, all the hits were brought out for an airing. Beautiful People, Fight Song, M-Obscene, Dope Show etc all were given a shakedown. But the biggest cheers came for Tainted Love and Sweet Dreams, two cover versions.

Listening to 40,000 poeple whispering along to Sweet Dreams was spooky and a little disconcerting. But therein lies the weakness of Manson. He can be a crowd pleaser; he can turn a hostile crowd to his will for a little while; but beneath the face paint and above the stilts there is little more.

Yes, we all enjoyed the set; yes, he got us singing along; yes, the images on the screen during Beautiful People were a wonderful juxtaposition, but Mr Brian Warner will really have to stop believing his own hype and put a little more substance in his songs.

But, above all, we here at Belfast Metal Reunited have to say that Manson won over a difficult crowd; altogether now: "Sweet Dreams Are Made of This..."

Turbonegro in Dublin

Fat Norwegian hetrosexuals dressed like refugees fron Village People...It shouldn't work; it should be wrong, but in front of a partisan Dublin Iron Maiden crowd Turbonegro wowed with a combination of hot licks and comedy raps. After all, who would dare joke in Ireland about the Potato Famine, as well as offer the audience a chance to join a Viking Prostitution Ring!

All in all Turbonegro proved they have the balls and humour to win over a tough crowd!


Over coming hours I'll post the reviews of last week's phenomenal Iron Maiden gig in Dublin. A lost memorhy stick and a hellishly busy week in work have postponed the reviews (as well as my blistered feet!) Sorry to everyone I haven't been in touch with, sending files, texting etc - been one wild week!!!!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Tribute to Philomena

On Thursday Belfast Metal Reunited visited Phil Lynott's grave, and were then fortunate to meet Philomena, the great man's wonderful mum.

Thanks Philomena for your time, your words of warning on drugs to the youngsters and allowing us to have a glimpse at the memorabalia! You're a wonderful woman!

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Just back from Iron Maiden, Marilyn Manson and Turbonegro in Dublin. Sill recovering! A review will follow. But for now: Thank you Mr Dickinson for responding to this bloggers call for Running Free and Drifter! Shows that somebody is reading it :)