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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

ALBUM REVIEW: Van Zant rediscover their Red White and Blue period

VAN Zant are amongst the closest to the border between rock and country genres. Not that Country ain’t bad and all. The two genres have dallied with each other over the decades. Sometimes with interesting outcomes at other times ….. not so much.

The Van Zant brothers have a real southern rock pedigree being brothers of the late great Ronnie Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd fame. Indeed Jonny took over that role in 1987 for a reunited Lynyrd Skynyrd. This is the southern rock a lot of us are familiar with. In 2005 the Van Zant brothers took their southern rock pedigree and moved closer to one of their other musical loves, that of Country.

When they released their first foray into this genre, “Get Right With The Man” they followed it up with a tour titled “Red, White and Blue”.

And, we would never have had an inkling of that live experience if Donnie’s long time .38 Special bandmate, bassist Larry Junstrom, had not just bought some mobile recording equipment and had permission to record the show in Georgia 2006.

Now, 10 years later, in 2016 we finally get to hear that recording as it had lain forgotten till now. So let’s blow the dust off this recording, sit back, crack open a cold beer and see if the experience is worth it.

And from the very first track ‘Takin’ Up Space’ you can tell you will enjoy every moment of this Ode to Southern Joy. And as it was highlighting their album ‘Get Right with the Man’ you will hear no less than 9 tracks from that album.  ‘Takin’ up Space’ cracks of the 14 track live album in real southern don’t give a shit raucous manner with a driving rock rhythm amply supported by well-placed slide guitar.

Then we have ‘Ain’t Nobody Gonna Tell Me What To Do’, a slow country rootin’ tootin’ ode to sticking it to the man. Kind of fantasising about what many of us would like to do stuck in a job we don’t necessarily like. This is one of the more countrified songs but is a solid ballad.

Next comes ‘Sweet Mama’ with that arena country vibe that is not pure country and has a rock feel designed to get the audience jumping and waving their arms in the air. You can almost see that when listening to this song.

Now a bit of a shout out to the past pedigree with ‘ Wild Eyed Southern Boys’ a song coming from the .38 Special stable, which Donnie was formerly the singer in. This is a lighter AOR style song that would fit perfectly into a light hearted upbeat montage of a 1980’s semi-serious RomCom. It may not be to everyone’s taste but the execution of this tune is superb and you can feel the smiles of everyone in the audience enjoying this kick back song.

Back to the 2005 album with ‘Things I Miss The Most’ which feels like this is one of the songs Jon Bon Jovi listened to to get inspiration for Blaze of Glory – no, not the lyrics but the distinctive guitar sound and laid back style. Apart from that this is an incredible country song full of all the usual country tropes like dirt roads, tractors, dogs barking, the front porch, Pa and Mama. But it’s an enjoyable journey.

The tempo picks up a bit again with ‘I Know My History’ a glorious southern rock style journey down one of the great tropes of rock and roll – wink wink, nudge nudge. This a great stadium song and hearing it live adds a bit to the experience. Solid song delivered by a solid performance.

Now comes ‘Help Somebody’ taking us back to the slow drawled out drumming out solid positive advice on how to lead a good life. This is definitely a lighter in the air song.

Back to down and dirty grooves with ‘Plain Jane’ that has a great light touch southern feel about it delicately walking the line between arena country and rock and roll. This is one people can learn quickly to sing along to without forgetting too many lines.

Let’s slow it way down now with ‘I Can’t Help Myself’ as the band cross over into country gospel. Not everyone’s cup of tea, or JD, in style but the power and authority of Jonny and Donnie’s voices is without question.

Then the self-confident ‘I’m Doin’ Alright’ comes through with the country feel but with a solid rock platform. A classic style rock melody spruced up with southern country. Brilliantly solid fun song that will have you foot tapping and head nodding in polite company, whilst on your own or at a gig you’ll be foot stomping and head banging.

In a salute to being American and the US troops ‘Red White & Blue’, originally performed by Jonny, in the reunited Lynyrd Skynyrd, we have a schmaltzy slow eulogy to redneck stubbornness and pride.

The pedal is slammed down again as ‘My Kind Of Country’ comes hard driving round the local NASCAR track with a pretty young thing in the passenger seat and a hard working chisel chinned cattle roping dude crushing a beer can out the window firmly grips the steering wheel. The car of course can be nothing else other than a bright orange 1969 Dodge Charger . It’s just a ‘good old boys ain’t doin’ no harm’ kind of song.

The album is brought to a close with two Lynyrd Skynyrd tracks, and it is a perfect way to do it too. First up is ‘Call me the Breeze’ a great ‘Jonny B’ Goode’-esque romp and to finish it all up the last song could only be the absolute Lynyrd Skynyrd classic ‘Sweet Home Alabama’. Nothing needs to be said other than it was a great rendition by Van Zant.

Overall, this was a great 14 track live album that would not be too out of place sitting next to your rock and metal music collection. Well worth the experience.

The album is out on 29th July 2016.

Review by Ivor Whitten

NEWS: Allegaeon release new track from forthcoming album

Allegaeon have released their new track, "Gray Matter Mechanics", via Bandcamp - the first recording to feature new vocalist Riley McShane.

Melodic death metal outfit Allegaeon have welcomed vocalist Riley McShane to their ranks.

Last year, he joined the Coloradoan group on tour with label-mates Act of Defiance - now, Allegaeon are giving fans their first taste of new music with Riley via Bandcamp!
To hear "Gray Matter Mechanics - Apassionata Ex Machinea" - from the band's upcoming new album - please visit: allegaeon.bandcamp.com

Allegaeon's currently untitled fourth full-length was produced by Dave Otero (Cattle Decapitation) and will be released in the autumn; details and pre-order information will be unveiled next month.

To preview and purchase Allegaeon's latest album, Elements of the Infinite (2014) - which debuted at #25 on the Billboard Hard Music Chart visit: metalblade.com/allegaeon

NEWS: Swedish horror-fans Salem's Pot stream their new album

Mysterious Swedish band Salem's Pot are streaming their entire forthcoming album early this week starting today.

The critically praised full length is available to hear and share HERE

The horror lore loving Salem's Pot also have shared their entertaining list of the "Best Horror Film Sequels of All Time" with Consequence of Sound. Watch portions of their picks  HERE.

"Don't try to fight it," the band's motto implores, "Salem's Pot has come to destroy your mind." It's the same kind of winking tease employed by low budget horror films of the 70s-80s that essentially dared audiences to experience what they knew they wanted, but couldn't possibly expect.

Likewise, the new album by mysterious Swedish quintet Salem's Pot delivers truly gritty and captivating heavy rock in high contrast technicolor: a sonic equivalent of The Last House On The
Left, El Topo and Blood Feast. Similar to the way such films made up for their lack of flashy, expensive effects with dim lighting and implied violence, a hallucinogenic sense of true evil lurks in the dark corners of Salem's Pot's sound. Lest we forget, the band's name itself is a pun on Stephen King's stark, modernized vampire masterpiece.

Where previous Salem's Pot releases honed doom riffs to perfection, Pronounce This! sees the band expanding its horizons to the far corners of imagination. It's a hazy fever dream of dark, thrilling excess. It's equal parts of The Cramps' Psychedelic Jungle, Pentagram's Relentless, Roky Erickson's The Evil One and The Stooges Raw Power, as much heirs to Deep Purple as Dead Moon... metal, garage punk, acid rock and a belladonna trip gone wrong. It's not heavy metal, this is a mutant monster that cannot be tamed.

And, perhaps as a continuation of the band's fascination with sinful lore, Salem's Pot never identifies its band members individually -- they're all completely anonymous without so much as a stagename.

One of the biggest upgrades since the band's 2014 RidingEasy album ...Lurar ut dig pa prarien is the addition of second guitar, with the previous drummer giving up the throne for the strap and a new unnamed mystery man pounding the kit. Now, the band is freed to expand beyond the riff and get truly freaky. And with each new release, the vocals are way more snarling punk than the doom histrionics of their peers.

Album opener "Tranny Takes a Trip" kicks off with a humming modular synth drone and twin guitar throb lulling beneath a cascading haze of gurgling keyboard-through-delay-loop sounds before settling in to a stomping anthem replete with NWOBHM harmonized guitar leads. The album's tone clearly set for the shadiest recesses of our minds, "Just For Kicks" swaggers in on a phaser-drenched single note guitar line that sets up a demented blues as the tuneful, yelping vocals expound on a penchant for chemical excess with direct honesty
A shortened edit of "The Vampire Strikes Back" was released as a single in late 2015, shorn down to the hook-laden rocker at the seven-and-a-half minute song's core. But here you get the track's full, sprawling glory as it staggers through a hazy, murderous leitmotif with noir-ish deliberation. "Coal Mind" is the album centerpiece at nearly 13 minutes of Hawkwind on a bad trip, drifting from space rock with an exemplary "bit of finger" to throbbing, hypnotic pulse that eventually ruptures with monolithic drop-tuned wall of guitar.
"So Gone, So Dead" is a moment of respite giving nod to Gram Parsons' lysergic western swing with funereal weight. "Desire" closes the album with epic grandeur reminiscent of Roky Erickson's bleak murder ballad "Burn The Flames" supercharged with squealing and writhing guitars and thunderous drums.

"They used to wake up on your couch, not wanting to wake up," the band's brief manifesto explains. "Desperately clinging to sin, degradation, murder and substance abuse. With nothing left inside they made an attempt to tell someone about it, and the dead chuckled merrily: 'You're not alone.'" 

NEWS: ian Hunter set for album release and unveils tribute to Bowie

IAN Hunter’s latest studio album, 'Fingers Crossed' unveils ten new, self-penned songs including his much-anticipated homage to David Bowie ‘Dandy’.

'Dandy' is out now and can be purchased from iTunes HERE

Recorded at HOBO Studios in New Jersey, and co-produced by Hunter and Andy York, the recor features his magnificent Rant Band and is the follow-up to 2012’s acclaimed 'When I’m President'.

The new release is out on September 16th on Proper Records.

As leader of ‘70s British rock legends Mott the Hoople and as a hugely influential solo artist, Ian Hunter is widely revered as one of rock’n’roll’s most compelling performers and one of its most articulate songwriters.

As author of such immortal anthems as, 'All The Way From Memphis', 'Once Bitten, Twice Shy' and 'Cleveland Rocks' and the voice of such landmark albums as, 'All The Young Dudes', 'Mott', 'Ian Hunter' and 'You’re Never Alone With A Schizophrenic', he remains a hero to fellow musicians and fans around the world.

The compositions on 'Fingers Crossed' see Hunter covering typically wide-ranging subject matter.  'Dandy', his fond tribute to David Bowie reflects on a relationship cemented in 1972 when Bowie produced Mott’s album All the Young Dudes and provided its hit title track.

“I think ‘Dandy’ might be my favourite track on the album,” Ian admits “I like the line – ‘and then we took the last bus home’. David was an incredible artist with an insatiable curiosity for everything.”

‘Ghosts’ was inspired by a November 2014 visit to Union Avenue in Memphis where Ian and the Rant Band were invited to jam in rock ‘n’ roll pioneer Sam Phillips’ legendary Sun Studio. Title track ‘Fingers Crossed’ is a 1750’s sea-faring tale of impressment, when men were taken into the Navy by compulsion and forced recruitment.

“’Fingers Crossed’ was not inspired by a book” Ian comments, “actually it wasn’t inspired by anything material. I’ve no idea where it came from as I simply woke up one day with the line – ‘I was pressed into service, through no fault of my own’ – and from there the song took its own course. It could only go one way. It’s great when you get a strong opening line!”

‘White House’ injects a fun element, based on real-life … and a real beaver … while ‘Bow Street Runners’ tells the 18th Century tale of the Fielding Brothers.

Hunter explains: “In the 1700s half-a-million people lived in London and there were no cops, so crime was rampant. It was crazy. One of the Fielding brothers was known as Blind Beak – he couldn’t see but he could smell crime and recognized thousands of criminals by the sound of their voices - so the story goes. The brothers Henry and John Fielding formed the Bow Street Runners … Britain’s first Bobbies!”

‘Morpheus’ is framed around the Ancient Greek god who had the ability to mimic human form and shape people’s dreams and has proved “the instant favourite of many people who have heard the album,” Hunter reveals. “I’m delighted with ‘Fingers Crossed’,” he adds; a sentiment sure to be shared by fans far and wide!

Order the album from Propermusic.com and receive a free non-album track 'Seein' Red':
The album will also be available at Amazon and iTunes

NEWS: True Widow reveal Avvolgere album and new track

DALLAS trio TRUE WIDOW have announced their fourth album Avvolgere, due out this Sept. 23 on CD/2xLP/DLX 2xLP/Digital via Relapse Records.

The forthcoming LP perfects the formula that 2013's Circumambulation established.

Avvolgere rocks and rolls with serene, rounded climaxes and steep, jangling choruses that engulf the listener with waves of downbeat, saccharine melodies and mesmerizing distortion. TRUE WIDOW's signature alternation between male and female vocals helps further blur the boundaries between the heft of stoner rock, the droning atmosphere of shoegaze, and the twangy catchiness of blues and indie rock.

It's both concise and circuitous - the album takes you on a journey that you can't ever quite predict or expect. Avvolgere is TRUE WIDOW sounding more infectious and consummate than ever before.

The first single from the album, “Entheogen,” is streaming now at this location and is available as an instant download with digital pre-orders. Physical pre-orders are also available at the same link.

The band recorded Avvolgere with Matt Pence, who recorded their 2013 release,Circumambulation, at his Echo Lab studio in Argyle, Tex. earlier this year. “Over the course of three albums,” the Wall Street Journal said in an article on the DFW-outfit, “the Dallas-based band has refined a sound rooted in focused repetition, bass-heavy guitar drones, ethereal vocals, and almost always, crawling temples."

If you haven’t heard of them here’s the bio:

TRUE WIDOW craft patient, rounded music that calls to mind images of foggy dawns and parched fields. Formed in November 2007, TRUE WIDOW released their self-titled debut a year later and immediately caught the ears of the underground. At its core, the music of TRUE WIDOW is powered by the driving, guitar-dense aspects of shoegaze and stoner rock and the heavy, low-moving evocations of ambient music.

Following their auspicious start, the band returned in 2011 with their sophomore full length, As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center To The Circumference Of The Earth. As High As The Highest Heavens saw the band solidify their direction and further mature their sound, but it wasn't until 2013's Circumambulation (TRUE WIDOW's debut album for independent label Relapse Records) that they reached the heights - both professionally and compositionally - they have now. Circumambulation garnered the band widespread praise both within and beyond the metal world and was praised by publications as diverse as Pitchfork, NPR, Decibel Magazine, and Metal Injection. The band followed up the success of that album with extensive touring across the US, Russia, and Europe, including numerous appearances at renowned festivals such as Roadburn, Fun Fun Fun Fest, Psycho California, and more.

True Widow is:
D.H. Phillips (guitar/steel guitar/vocals)
Nicole Estill (bass/acoustic guitar/vocals)
Slim TX (drums/piano)

VIDEO: The Ginger Wildheart Band unveil new video ahead of Ramblin Man Fair slot

WE’RE heading off to Ramblin’ Man Fair this weekend and one of the acts we’re looking forward to seeing is The Ginger Wildheart Band, who have just unveiled a brand new video for ‘If You Find Yourself In London Town’. (See video below.)

“The video and song is a letter to a younger me, trying to make a name for himself in the big city. “ says Ginger “What to avoid and what to watch out for. 

“I'd have loved to have had some advice back when I moved from the North East, but I didn't know anyone who had moved to London before me. This meant learning on the move, which was invaluable in gaining survival tips for my future. It was a very different place then, and well worth the cost of training to navigate. “ 

The cautionary tale that is ‘If You Find Yourself In London Town’ is taken from Ginger Wildheart’s The Year Of The Fanclub album.

NEWS: The Crawling, Rabid Bitch Of The North and Zlatanera speak ahead of Bloodstock slots

WITH a mere three weeks until festivities get underway for Bloodstock, we caught up with the three Northern Ireland bands as they get final preparations underway to decamp to Catton Park.

Metal2TheMasses NI winners, The Crawling are already running a BOA competition via Facebook and this is what they said when asked about their appearance at the Hobgoblin New Blood Stage.

"Every now and again, when you are in a band, something cool happens; and then there's playing Bloodstock. It's just brilliant to be part of such an iconic UK festival - we can't fucking wait!"

For Rabid Bitch Of The North they are returning to what has proved to happy metal hunting grounds, and have gained an ever greater exposure in the UK after a mini-tour on the mainland a few weeks ago.

“Bloodstock Round Two is what I’m calling it in my head - our second chance to impress and even larger audience than two years ago,” said singer and bassist Joe McDonnell.

“I think I only got really excited when Bloodstock officially announced us, and I read all the really positive and encouraging feedback on loads of different forums online.”

Joe continued: “People who had seen us on BOA 2014 and those that had heard of us. Any new audience and stage away from home is exciting to play, but the New Blood Hobgoblin Stage will be immense this year.

“It’s the dogs balls to be on the same bill as Twisted Sister (last ever UK show), Venom, Anthrax, Slayer, Diamond Head, Phil Campbells Band, Acid Reign, and the list goes on. The line-up is what Id call actual Heavy Metal this year and we fit right in.”

Satan’s mates, Zlatanera, are all set after this week’s official confirmation of their slot at Bloodstock. Bassist Anthony McKee summed up the band’s thoughts ahead of their appearance.

“Zlatanera feel privileged to be a part of Bloodstock 2016, playing the Jäger stage,” he said. “This will be our first gig outside of Ireland and what better way to make our mainland UK debut, than at one of the most prestigious and diverse metal festivals.

“We look forward to treating Bloodstock to our familiar blend of riffs, immersive rock and songs about the devil and hope to see an unquantifiable amount of horns being thrown and heads being banged. This is going to be good/evil!”

Bloodstock are you ready for this trio of Northern Irish monsters stamping their way towards you?

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

NEWS; Blue Oyster Cult set for the first ever Irish show - and they're playing Agents of Fortune in full

IN celebration of the 40th anniversary since the original 1976 release of “AGENTS OF FORTUNE” on Columbia Records, the Long Island rockers will be jetting in from New York City to play their first ever show in Ireland on July 28th at the Academy in Dublin.

The show will feature the complete 'Agents of Fortune’ album, plus a full set of powerful classics from a back catalogue spanning over four decades. Godzilla may stalk Dublin's streets... 

The band said: “It seems unbelievable that after 44 years on tour we’ve never played Ireland. Having waited a lifetime to play there, we are extremely excited to be resenting this very special show for our debut live performance”.

Agents of Fortune, Blue Öyster Cult’s platinum-selling fourth studio album, included the hit single "(Don't Fear) The Reaper", arguably still one of the most haunting and recognised tracks in rock history. Check out the video below for the classic song

The band features core original members Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser (guitar, vocals) and Eric Bloom (guitar, keyboards, vocals), with a very special guest appearance from co-founding member Albert Bouchard (percussion, guitar, vocals) who was instrumental in writing the early material. Yes, Albert is back!!

The legendary line-up is completed by Richie Castellano (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Kasim Sulton (bass, vocals) and Jules Radino (drums, percussion), bringing a relentless and unrivalled energy to the stage.

BÖC have been a major heavy metal influence on many other acts, such as Metallica, and were listed in VH1's countdown of the greatest hard rock bands of all time.

And. let's face it, if you're not a fan of BOC then you're probably not a fan of hard rock and metal.

ALBUM REVIEW: Do Blackfoot deliver on their ‘Southern Native’ status with latest line-up

BLOACKFOOT is a band from the 70’s with enough line-up changes that would put you in mind of Great-Great Grandad’s hammer that’s had 10 handles and 5 new heads. So with the latest lineup of Tim Rossi, Rick Krasowski, Brian Carpenter and Matt Anastasi, are they delivering a 'genuine' Blackfoot album?

After listening to this 10 track southern drawl-laden, JD swigging, laidback, hard rocking album the answer is a resounding yes.

Kicking off with ‘Need My Ride’, this is a track that would sound perfect blasting out of a shotgun laden pickup truck, the bluesy southern rock sound ready cemented into ageing boards. Pure rock and roll with a cowboy hat firmly stuck on top.

Second on the list is ‘Southern Native’, the title track delivers again with a Floridian style that is hard rocking and laid back at exactly the same time. With vocals that just resound round the room like Lynyrd Skynyrd .

Next is ‘Everyman’, a beautiful slowed down ballad making you feel like you want to break open an Ace Pineapple hard cider, sit in a rocking chair on the porch and relax. Maybe with a shaggy dog sleeping at your feet. Essentially, a moment of just kicking back and chilling out.

‘Call Of A Hero’ is a perfect hard rocking tune with ubiquitous slide guitar thrown in. There is no mistaking it - this is southern blues rock kicking off. The only thing you have to decide is the hero on a 1700cc hog or a stallion.

There is almost a bit a Prog rock feel about ‘Take Me Home’ with its easy listening start before the torque kicks in to tow you into that southern style that is still slower than ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ but has that same longing sentiment.

With a title like ‘Whiskey Train’ you know this is not going to be a slow tune. There is almost a Cream like feeling about this song that may put you in mind of ‘Sunshine of your Love’ or even Clapton’s‘Cocaine’. And that’s not taking away from this riffage loaded rootin’ tootin’ song. Solid song to stick on in the car when you’re driving.

Blackfoot continue to hit home with ‘Satisfied Man’ it thunders along with a perfect foot tapping rhythm. It is almost the perfect juxtaposition to the band’s previous classic ‘Diary of a Workingman’. Again another perfect tune for driving. All the more perfect if the sun is out.

Now the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’s song ‘Ohio’.  ‘Ohio’ is a protest song written and composed by Neil Young in reaction to the Kent State shootings of May 4, 1970.  The Blackfoot rendition is a fine cover filled with a Southern modern rock twist. Solid and enjoyable.

The tempo ramps back up a bit with ‘Love This Town’. Out of all the tracks this one has the most Country feel about it. Hard rockin’ and hard drinkin’ is all over this song with its wailing slide guitar reminding you you are one step away from southern blues.

The final track ‘Diablo Loves Guitar’ is an upbeat mariachi laden piece it gives that impression it should be on an Eagles album, at the beginning of a song about a hotel or something. It’s a fun little instrumental ending for the album and whilst vaguely feels out of place it’s a nice twist at the end of the tale.

If you haven’t come across Blackfoot before check out their Website, Facebook, and Twitter well worth checking out and delving into the band’s back catalogue before this great album lands on 5th August.

Review by Ivor Whitten

NEWS: With just three weeks to Bloodstock more Irish and Northern Ireland bands announced

IT'S just three short weeks to go until Bloodstock and the latest act from Northern Ireland has been confirmed - the mighty Zlatanera!

They are joining Rabid Bitch Of The North and Metal2TheMasses winners The Crawling.

In what is turning into a metal invasion from both parts of the island to the iconic Catton Park venue Dublin thrashers Psykosis have been joined by Two Tales of Woe.

Oh, and apparently there are some other bands playing you might have heard of, like Mastodon, Gojira, Twisted Sister, Slayer, Anthrax, Goathwhore, Diamond Head, Behemoth,, Acid Reign, Gloryhammer, and dozens more!

NEWS: Mon The Biffys! Biffy Clyro return to Belfast in November

FOLLOWING on from their triumphant Belsonic appearance in June Biffy Clyro are set to return to Belfast on November 27th.

The mega selling Scottish trio have pencilled in the date for the SSE Arena as part of the latest leg of their 'Ellipsis' tour.

Tickets, priced £31.50 (plus booking fee) go on sale this Friday from nine am.

Their latest album has just been out just over a week, but has already achieved critical acclaim as well as a hit single in the shape of 'Wolves of Winter' and represents something more powerful than some of their more recent releases with Simon Neil describing it as 'more of a punch to the nose than a big cuddle'.

It's been a long journey for Biffy Clyro since they played the cramped confines of Auntie Annie's in 2003...

Monday, July 18, 2016

NEWS: Anti- Pasti new album 'Rise Up'– Released via Westworld 5th August 2016

RISE Up, the first body of work in over thirty-five years by early eighties punk band anti-pasti will be released on Westworld Recordings on Friday 5th August, 2016 to coincide with the quartet’s now bi-annual appearance at the world famous Rebellion Festival.
Never an outfit without a social conscience, the twelve new tracks cover topics including mental illness, addiction, war, and global injustice – all delivered in their own swashbuckling Punk `n` Roll style.
Despite line-up changes along the way the main song-writing core remains and some incendiary tunes can be expected.

Anti-Pasti were part of the legendary (according to the thousands of young punks that were there to witness it) Apocalypse Now tour which circumnavigated the UK in 1981.  They went on to tour Europe and became the first band of the `second wave` of punk rock to visit the USA, completing a six week round of dates.
Their anthem No Government was voted #3 in a punk rock top 100 by readers of the punk rock bible Sounds magazine.

Two albums and five singles were released before the band imploded in 1983.  After a brief reconciliation of the five original members in 1996, they reformed as a four piece in 2012 as special guests at Rebellion Festival.  European and British dates followed, as did the writing of many of the songs that have made it on to the latest album, before the line-up was finalised as:

Kevin Nixon – Drums
Ollie Hoon – Guitars & Vocals
Ben Hanson – Bass & Vocals
Gez Addictive – Vocals

Drummer and spokesman Kevin Nixon commented, `we are thrilled to be invited into the Westworld stable home to such pedigree as Chelsea, the Ruts and Chron Gen. Our new album has the spirit and intensity of the eighties balanced with a more experienced attitude.....without doubt our best to date, and there`s more to come.`

VIDEO: RSJ unleash brutality and power on new single ahead of album launch

RSJ are set to explode your senses with new single ‘Hit The Road Jack’ and forthcoming new album ‘Giant Glenn'.

It has been a long time coming and fans won’t be disappointed with the sheer brutality this album brings.

The new single and video (see below – but be careful, it’s not easy listening and RSJ have really managed to capture what the band are all about.

It is a high energy brutal performance video and they have really knocked things up a notch as Raging Speedhorns John Loughlin features on this track… Just let the video speak for it’s self.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

ALBUM REVIEW: Triggerman tearing up the riffs on terrific Atomic Rock Number 79

WHEN the formula is right don't tamper with it, don't fritter away the hours trying to re-invent something that damn near captures the essence, don't attempt to vary the sermon - just remember the riff. And, Northern Ireland's riff lords are back.

Yes, as always the riff holds sway with Triggerman, and on new release the riffs roll, sweep over the hills and valleys to pummel the unwary and anoint the willing.

'Atomic Rock Number 79' is where the Triggers once again asset their place as the masters of producing the varied weapons of the axe in a devastating six tracks of heaving rock.

From the opening instrumental, The Drift, there is no doubt that Bap and co have once again brought a mastery of mangling the faces of listeners.

But, unlike many who attempt to bring the groove Triggerman understand the essence of the art - give the space on the arrangement to allow the layers to build to the appropriate crescendo, the breath for a track to have the capacity for some time to allow lyrical sermons in the tradition of the band's preacher metal.

'Big John' will be the track most familiar to fans, having been on the band's live repertoire for almost a year, a rollicking tune with the tale of the gentle giant that lyrically utilises a narrative in a similar vein to Bobby Darin's 'Mack the Knife' and several Bob Dylan tracks but without the malice.

Instead this takes the narrative, underpins it with six minutes of musical delight to recount the tale of Big John that is bound to bring a smile to anyone's lips as Dixie's bass compels your entire body to move and agree with Big John that everything is going to be okay.

What this is album serves up is a celebration of rock 'n' roll, where at one moment you can have your fists in the air and the next moment contemplating a rant harkening for simpler times when the lords of the land guided actions not demanding scientific evidence.

Indeed the mid-paced groove of 'Stone the Philosopher' sees a nice twist in the words while Niall weaves glorious lines.

The pace is picked up on 'Rat Race' which like Cathedral's 'Corpscycle' points out the human cost of being a cog on the post-industrial wheel, Rory and Dixie propelling it along at a frenetic pace, punctuating the riffs with precise backdrops to the rhythm and solos.

Weighing it almost seven minutes the title track - 'Atomic Rock Number 79' venerates the music that binds together the fans, brings bands and the audience together in the ecstatic, electric union of the faithful.

Yes, when Triggerman are laying it down like this your "hips will be moving" and your "feet will be stamping" as you reach the nirvana of rock's "cloud nine".

Whether you are boogieing on the floor, or chilling with Bog John under the sycamore tree, this is an album that further elevates Triggerman's claim to be one of the finest acts in Ireland, if not further.

There is substance here beyond the mere tracks. There is meat on the bone, meat in abundance, with enough trimmings to give you all the good cholesterol; a musical feast to feed all your rock and metal appetites.

But what is clear on 'Atomic Rock Number 79' is that once again Triggerman have produced an album that takes what influences that formed all our musical tastes, wrenched them into their own twisted visions and dispensed with what wasn't needed, then sprinkled a little Derry magic on top.

The time will come when a major label realise that if you want the groove look no further than Triggerman - and if they don't like they say we'll "slap that fucker on the side of the head".

Review by Jonny

Friday, July 15, 2016

ALBUM REVIEW: Blues Pills land a precious cargo with ‘Lady In Gold’

WHEN you want to say psychedelic hard blues rock it really is much easier to just say Blues Pills. That’s because with this album the band solidifies that they embody this type of rock as they land their second album ‘Lady In Gold’.

The title is an apt description, as this precious piece of 60’s influenced psychedelic blues rock is 10 tracks of pure untainted gold.

Kicking off with the title track ‘Lady In Gold’ your ears will be caressed as this tune courses beautifully through your speakers. It produces the cinematic feeling of a smart debonair  60s/70s spy with a wry smile on their face turning all those heads as they drive round Monaco in an open air sports car. Gorgeous sounds just ooze from this track.

Leading on next is ‘Little Boy Preacher’ which will have your foot tapping along. Again the 60s influence is unmistakeable but stunningly crafted for 2016. If ambrosia could be distilled through a lava lamp attached to a Marshall amp the product would be this song.

Rocking and rolling along with harmonic organ in the background belting out a tune that will at the very least make you smile.

Now, take it a little bit easier and chilled out in the back room with ‘Burned Out’. Even with its fast beat and melody you can feel the music just telling you to sit back and enjoy the ride. The guitars meld with a golden deliciousness alongside the organ and Elin Larsson’s silky powerful voice entices you on to forget everything but her.

Then came along ‘I Felt A Change’ which just seems unapologetically pure 70s soul and dares you not to think of the saddest memory you have. Elin’s belts this out with pure emotion and clarity. This is silky smooth psychedelic soul that just drips with sentiment. A really impressive slow way down song that is just screaming to be the signature end credits track of another epic spy movie.

Then comes along ‘Gone So Long’ that just cries out to be at the start of an epic film, kicking off with a solid heartbeat that is ever present throughout. This slowed down stroll through your emotion allows the band to be a little more orchestral sounding. The opulence of this tune feels like the creative lovechild of The Doors and Jefferson Airplane. Elin pulls out her inner Grace Slick in this song and it’s a joy to behold.

Then a quick twist takes you on to ‘Bad Talkers’ a funky bit of rock to get you pumped up again. A solid song which romps along again with that sort of 60’s upbeat feel.

Continuing the funky trippy blues sound along comes ‘You Gotta Try’ and again like all the tracks before this delivers a real solid piece of music. It flows along and vaguely sounds like Nancy Sinatra having a go at psychedelic rock. Beautifully delivered, solid and slick.

The driving rhythm kicks in next of ‘Won't Go Back’ as it feels like Elin, Dorian Zach and André just pulled you into a souped up, open topped Cadillac and began tearing down the road into the sunset. A fast buoyant track that is once again a joy to listen to…

Along comes ‘Rejection’ with a real motown soul sister vibe, but still with that underlying rock running through it like a vein of gold. The beat keeps your foot tapping and the vocals once again drag you willing through the whole experience.

Finally we come to ‘Elements And Things’ another rocking tune that takes no prisoners as it rolls at a fast pace as if it can see the end in sight and is giving that last burst of speed to get you over the line.

Overall, this album is exactly as its title describes it. It is pure gold. Modern psychedelic rock is always a nice haven in which to sip a slightly different libation. And Elin’s vocals are utterly impressive throughout really helping to capture the 60s/70s feel.

This is an album well worth adding to your collection, whether you like the genre or wouldn’t mind dipping your toe into the psychedelic blues/rock pool ‘In Gold’ is an exemplar with not on filler song in this treasure trove.

Review by Ivor Whitten

NEWS: Despised Icon release new music video ahead of new Nuclear Blast album Beast

MONTREAL based deathcore pioneers, Despised Icon, will release their Nuclear Blast debut, ‘Beast’, on July 22nd. Today, the band has released a music video for the track ‘Bad Vibes’, (watch it  below) directed by Jessy Fuchs of Slam Disques (Obey The Brave, Simple Plan).

"We've often been vocal about the classic death metal bands that have influenced us throughout the years but have rarely discussed the grindcore and hardcore elements in our music," states vocalist Alex Erian. "Our new single 'Bad Vibes' is raw, straight forward and reminiscent of bands like Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Biohazard, and Madball. The 90's were a defining decade for us and so we opted for that old school look when putting together this new music video. ‘Beast’ comes out in a week. Get into it!"

‘Beast’ was produced and engineered by former guitarist Yannick St-Amand (Beneath The Massacre, Neuraxis) and mixed/mastered by Andy Sneap (Megadeth, Opeth, Nevermore). Artwork was created by Alexandre Goulet.

Limited Edition Gatefold Green Vinyl at the official Nuclear Blast UK store: http://bit.ly/DespisedIconGreen
Limited Edition Vinyl: http://bit.ly/DespisedIconVinyl
CD: http://bit.ly/DespisedIconCD
Pre-order digitally on iTunes to receive the title-track as an instant grat: http://bit.ly/DespisedIconiTunes

‘Beast’ track list:
01. The Aftermath
02. Inner Demons
03. Drapeau Noir
04. Bad Vibes
05. Dedicated To Extinction
06. Grind Forever
07. Time Bomb
08. One Last Martini
09. Doomed
10. Beast

For many extreme music fans, it may be hard to remember a time before Despised Icon, given the massive influence they’ve subsequently had on the genre. But when the group formed back in 2002 and released ‘Consumed by Your Poison’ the same year, there was little intersection between the sounds of classic death metal and the brute force of hardcore. But Despised Icon were among the first to fully embrace the signatures of the traditional death metal formula combined with a relentless embrace of breakdowns, part of an emerging new sound.

Now Despised Icon have returned with their upcoming album entitled, ‘Beast’. The genre-defining band is fully reawakened, poised to recapture the crown with the monstrous and merciless might of their potent expression. Featuring the men responsible for most of the band’s now classic death metal catalogue, ‘Beast’ is a vicious commentary on the state of the world and the state of music itself.

More on ‘Beast’:
The Aftermath’ music video https://youtu.be/AECzwseIYwo
Making ‘Beast’ part 1 https://youtu.be/2g4BeWgCI0Q
Making ‘Beast’ part 2 https://youtu.be/PlYPuwdqx5Y
Making ‘Beast’ part 3 https://youtu.be/taNTeeJWBog

NEWS: Subrosa prep for new release with new track release for doom-tastic...and the violins come along too

SALT Lake City experimental doom band SUBROSA have unveiled 'Wound of the Warden', the first track from upcoming album, 'For This We Fought the Battle of Ages', due out August 26 on Profound Lore Records.

Fully engineered and mixed by drummer Andy Patterson, the album achieves a dynamic mix with bigger-sounding production values than their previous output. Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Engineering, the album’s intricacies are accentuated, and heaviness remains heavy - “heavy is important,” says Vernon.

With this release, the band are continuing the momentum built from 2013’s More Constant Than The Gods, which saw year-end acclaim in all metal and mainstream music outlets respectively. The album brought a new awareness to SUBROSA as one of the most prominent doom-infused metal bands from America today, through their singular crushing monolithic sound canvas - which consists of a devastating mix of soul crushing doom metal, neo-classical chamber music (solidified by the band’s two electric violin players) - and Appalachian murder balladry, all filtered through the veil of American gothic tragedy.

“Whenever we make an album, my number one ambition is to be an energy force, to create a difference and make people feel something real. I want it to do what art is supposed to do.” - Rebecca Vernon.

In support of For This We Fought the Battle of Ages, the band will be touring the globe extensively. Already confirmed is a European tour in September and October, with U.S. shows following in November.

For This We Fought the Battle of Ages is available to pre-order in Europe HERE

For This We Fought the Battle of Ages tracklist:
1.  Despair Is A Siren
2.  Wound of the Warden
3.  Black Majesty
4.  Il Cappio
5.  Killing Rapture
6.  Troubled Cells

Rebecca Vernon: Guitar
Sarah Pendleton: Electric violin + Vocals
Kim Pack: Electric violin + Vocals
Levi Hanna: Bass
Andy Patterson: Drums

Guitarist Rebecca Vernon’s vision for SUBROSA brewed for some years before songwriting for the band began in the beginning of 2005; debut album The Worm Has Turned was released the following year, the Strega LP followed in 2008 and SUBROSA  went on to self-release The Swans Trapped In Ice EP in 2009.  In 2011, SUBROSA ’s groundbreaking full-length album No Help For The Mighty Ones was released on Profound Lore Records; No Help... received extensive critical acclaim. With the band’s lineup solidified with Vernon alongside Kim Pack (electric violin, vocals), Sarah Pendleton (electric violin, vocals), Levi Hanna (bass) and Andy Patterson (drums), SUBROSA released More Constant Than the Gods in 2013 which topped countless year end lists including Decibel Magazine, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, SPIN, Entertainment Weekly and more.

NEWS: Twilight Force release second trailer ahead of Heroes Of Mighty Magic

SWEDISH adventure metallers, Twilight Force, will release their sophomore album entitled ‘Heroes Of Mighty Magic’ on August 26th  through Nuclear Blast.

After revealing the first sonic taster from their opus last week, which we covered six days ago (click here) it's time to experience more about the making-of and the concept behind this magical musical journey.

Listen what the heroes have to say about their allies in the second album trailer here:

Fabio Lione (Rhapsody Of Fire) said: "I remember I was on tour with Rhapsody Of Fire and Gamma Ray in Scandinavia and while I was doin' some shows, the guys from Twilight Force called me and proposed that I be a guest on their new record...well...it was a great experience!

“I went into the studio with them and we had a great time together... a cool time with very cool guys... It took place on a day off from the tour... so I had some hours to do the parts, listen to the song and talk with the guys (...and drink some cappuccinos together!) I think the band were very nice with me and they had in mind exactly what they wanted from my collaboration... my parts were ‘epic’ and the vocal lines were made for my voice and style... I would like to thank them and I'm happy to know that Nuclear Blast is releasing this new work!

“I'm so sorry I couldn't attend their show in Northern Italy some months later. I really wish the best of luck to the guys and to their new work!"

More on ‘Heroes Of Mighty Magic’:
'Battle Of Arcane Might' Official Lyric Video is below. https://youtu.be/DP1R5cWC0jI
Listen to the song in the NB Novelties Playlist: http://sptfy.com/2zZF
Trailer #1: https://youtu.be/LnAG66N4K38

You can pre-order ‘Heroes Of Mighty Magic’ here:
Limited Edition Double CD
Limited Edition Magenta 2LP Gatefold Vinyl
Limited Edition Light Blue 2LP Gatefold Vinyl
Alternatively, pre-order the digital album and get 'Battle Of Arcane Might' instantly: http://bit.ly/TwilightForceiTunes

‘Heroes Of Mighty Magic’ - Tracklist:
01. Battle Of Arcane Might
02. Powerwind
03. Guardian Of The Seas
04. Flight Of The Sapphire Dragon
05. There And Back Again (feat. Fabio Lione | RHAPSODY OF FIRE)
06. Riders Of The Dawn
07. Keepers Of Fate
08. Rise Of A Hero
09. To The Stars
10. Heroes Of Mighty Magic (feat. Joakim Brodén | SABATON)
11. Epilogue
12. Knights Of Twilight's Might

Twilight Force are:
Chrileon | vocals, guitars
Born | bass
Lynd | lead guitars, lute
Aerendir | guitars
Blackwald | keyboards, piano, violin
De'Azsh | drums

ICYMI: Comin' Atcha: Feeder for Belfast....

ROCK legends Feeder have announced a headline show at The Limelight 1, Belfast on Monday 17th October 2016.

For many of you rockers and metalheads, Feeder are a guilty pleasure - sure who can resist 'Just a Day' or 'Buck Rogers'..

The band has released eight studio albums, three compilations, two EPs, and 34 singles to date and are currently working on their new album. Tickets on sale Friday July 08th at 10am from www.limelightbelfast.com

Following lead singer/guitarist and chief songwriter Grant Nicholas’s recent, critically acclaimed solo releases ‘Yorktown Heights’ and ‘Black Clouds’, which saw Grant play a host of shows with a very different, ‘lo-fi’ line up, the FEEDER frontman says he feels re-invigorated, and in the best creative space of his life.

Nicholas commented: "We are really looking forward to getting out there on the road again and feel reborn after our break. Isle of Wight Festival reminded us how good it is to be back playing together, and the loyalty of our fans is truly immense”.

“We’re back and really excited to let people hear these new songs”

FEEDER first shot to fame when their debut EP ‘Swim’ was released to huge critical acclaim in 1996. Since then they’ve had 25 Top 40 hits with the likes of ‘Feeling A Moment, ‘Just The Way I’m Feeling’, ‘Just A Day’ and ‘Buck Rogers’ and amassed over five million record sales along with three Platinum and two Gold Albums.

Since ‘Generation Freakshow’, the band has appeared at a number of UK festivals, performed at Hyde Park to celebrate the 2012 Olympics and headlined London’s Brixton Academy before announcing they were taking some time off. FEEDER’s autumn tour will see the band revisit some of their biggest hits whilst also performing tracks from their forthcoming – and long-awaited – new studio album.

FEEDER kick off their tour at O2 ABC Glasgow on September 28th and play Belfast on 17th October.

COMIN' ATCHA: Avatar return to Oh Yeah Centre in November

SWEDISH metal band AVATAR announce a headline show at Oh Yeah Centre, Belfast on Monday November 21st 2016. The band’s new album 'Feathers & Flesh' was released in May of this year. 
And, last time they were here it was a helluva good show (review of it is here).
Avatar came of age as “little brothers” of sorts of the famed Gothenburg scene that spawned the celebrated New Wave Of Swedish Death Metal. 
Within Avatar’s diverse songs, a steady focus on the fluid and organic power of the riff (recalling the thunderous foresight of heavy metal’s original wizards, Black Sabbath) takes flight combined with an adventurous sprit veering off into the astral planes of the psychedelic atmosphere conjured by pioneers like Pink Floyd back in the day. 

Avatar has found a footing that combines the best of rock n’ roll, hard rock and heavy metal’s past, present and future into an overall artistic presentation that is thought-provoking, challenging and altogether enchantingly electric. With the grandiose showmanship of American professional wrestling, the snake oil salesmanship of early 20th century vaudevillian troubadours and the kinetically superheroic power of early Kiss, Avatar lays waste to lesser mortals with ease. Whether somebody gets their rocks off listening to Satyricon or System of a Down, they’ll find something suitably deranged here. 

“We’re in this weird field, caught in a triangle between extreme metal, rock n’ roll and what can be described as Avant-garde,” confesses Avatar vocalist Johannes Eckerström. The all-enveloping theme park vibe of the band’s music and visual counterpart means that, naturally, “it’s turning into something bigger.”

“I have been in this band for ten years. I grew up in this band,” Eckerström explains. “We’re somewhat veterans on the one hand. But we’re the new kids in the neighborhood in America at the same time.”
Tickets, priced £16 (+booking fee) on sale Monday July 18th at 9am from www.shine.netwww.ticketmaster.ie Katy’s Bar & Ticketmaster outlets nationwide.

NEWS: Symphonic folk rock and Helen of Troy - that'll be Serpentyne then

British Folk rockers Serpentyne have released a lyric video for “Helen Of Troy”, their first of a series of videos from their upcoming album “The Serpent’s Kiss”.

Vocalist Maggie-Beth Sands said this of the track: "This song is based on the Greek legend. Helen, daughter of Leda, Queen of the Spartans, was seduced and taken to the city of Troy by its Prince Paris. Menelaus, the Spartan King, took his fleet of a thousand ships to Troy to rescue her, and thus embarked on the Trojan War.

"He and his troops eventually entered the city hidden in the Trojan horse, rescued Helen and took her back to Sparta."

The new video can be found is below.

Serpentyne was formed in 2010 by Maggie-Beth Sands and Mark Powell. The band enjoyed success throughout the UK and mainland Europe, with its unique blend of what John Collinge, editor of the Progression magazine (USA) called “symphonic folk-rock.” The first album “Stella Splendens” was released in 2011, followed by “Myths and Muses” in 2014.

2015 saw a change of direction for the band, emphasising the symphonic rock quality of the music, whilst keeping a link with the World music arena. The result is a fresh new album, “The Serpent’s Kiss,” scheduled for release on September 27th 2016.

ALBUM REVIEW: Psyched out by Psykosis as they release Welcome To The Psyko Ward

THE Cambridge Dictionary defines 'mental' as "relating to, or involving the process of thinking". The Urban Dictionary defines it as "when something is absolutely insane, or just downright gnar".

In Ireland, north and south mental can be a compliment - used to praise those who are intent on fun at any cost to life, limb or....sanity.

Such is the case for Dublin thrashers Psykosis. They have earned that reputation through completely over-the-top high energy performances, causing chaos at Bloodstock by distributing free beer, 'wardrobe' malfunctions in the Limelight and all manner of high jinx.

But all the silliness matters not a bit if the music is crap. Fortunately, as they have proven since forming in 2011 they produce high energy, well crafted metal.

Finally they have committed the songs they have perfected on stages in Ireland and further afield to a record.

And, what a record it is. 'Welcome To The Psyko Ward' is a massive statement of intent from the band. Pulling together their influences - think Municpal Waste, Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax sitting down over a shedload of beer, and Exodus and Testament crashing the party...

Opener 'Rise To Fall' sets the tone with Grant Walsh's vocals straining almost tearing his vocal chords apart; glorious riffs and a shred or six.

What stands out from Psykosis is the structure of the songs. Where many simply buck in a total wall of noise the high energy of the band doesn't clutter the sound.

Tony Corocran 's rhythm work melds perfectly with Jay Shaw's bass and Shane Byrne's drums (who has since stepped down, with now Tom Moylan behind the kit) to make sure the songs don't run away from themselves such as on the manic speed of 'Driller Killer" - even when some strange laughter appears...

Walsh's lead work is evident throughout, a counterbalance to his speedy vocal delivery.

Of course, lyrically Psykosis can sometimes plumb the depths of humour, but the tongue is so far into the cheek it is practically emerging to lick the unsuspecting who come to close.

However, it would be a mistake to think that they don't take their songs seriously. 'Tag Your Dead' chugs along with a nice sense of timing,

But, when all bets are off the closer 'Toxic Fugitive' calls you out and your neck breaks as you struggle for a last smile.

At first listen you may find some of the tones a little samey, but on subsequent listens you realise that this is deliberate: a clear intent to ensure a consistency on what are a relatively varied set of structures.

Having been proven live the band are clear they want those structures to remain intact.

Walsh said: "We tried keep the energy up as to what we would be like on stage, so it's like having us play live in your house or car or wherever! After a prolonged wait for this album coming out that day is almost among us and we cannot wait to share it with everyone."

The album is being released in September, but before then Psykosis will once again be creating merry hell at Bloodstock in August. We can't wait for both these momentous, mental, psychotic events. Uppa Psykos!

Review by Jonny

NEWS: First album trailer released by Pain - and lyric video for new single Black Knight Satellite

PAIN, the unique Swedish metal project led by multi-instrumentalist and renowned producer, Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Lindemann), are ready to unleash the follow-up to 2011's ‘You Only Live Twice’.

After the substantial success of Peter Tägtgren's LINDEMANN project with Rammestein vocalist Till Lindemann, Peter retreated – taking some time to write another shrewd industrial metal statement entitled ‘Coming Home’.

The release of this record is scheduled for September 9th through Nuclear Blast.
In celebration of the new album, the band have released the first album trailer today.

You can check out the trailer here.

The band have also released a new track 'Black Knight Satellite' - the video is at the bottom of this post. You can order the single here: http://bit.ly/PainBKSiTunes or listen in NB Novelties playlist: http://sptfy.com/2zZF

The artwork for new record ‘Coming Home’ was created by Stuttgart artist Stefan Heilemann (Epica, Lindemann, Indica) -  whose artwork is famed for its symbiosis of fantasy, reality and insanity.

"I was brainstorming about the cover with Heile again... And we got the result that I really needed. I rented a spacesuit and spinned away thereafter... Musically, the album is a development of where PAIN and LINDEMANN ended at - more experimental than what I've ever done before. Acoustic guitars and a helping hand again from Clemens of CARACH ANGREN with the orchestra arrangements, and some guest vocals. And Sebastian Tägtgren did a great job on the drums..."

So said Peter Tägtgren, musician, producer and creative brain behind Pain, Sweden's finest industrial metal export. His has been a life immersed in music, in pushing boundaries, and taking ideas to both their logical and illogical extremes. It’s been a career that has involved fronting bands – notably iconic death metal veterans Hypocrisy, and now PAIN – or shaping their sounds – as he has done with Celtic Frost, Children Of Bodom, Dimmu Borgir and Immortal amongst others. It’s a calling that has made him one of Europe's most highly respected musicians and producers.
PAIN started life as a hobby for Peter Tägtgren, whose concept was to fuse heavy metal with 1980s-inspired electro-industrial and techno influences.

It all began with the release of a self-titled debut in 1997, and since then PAIN have released six more albums and a DVD.
‘Coming Home’ will be the eighth studio album release.

PAIN are:
Peter Tägtgren | vocals, guitars, programming etc.
David Wallin | drums
Michael Bohlin | guitars
Johan Husgavfel | bass

NEWS: In Flames prepare for autumn release of live DVD

THEY break the rules, re-invent themselves with every album and are considered to be Gothenburg's brightest metal pearl - since the early 90's, In Flames have delivered a spectacular progression which has seen them transform their sound from classic melodic death metal to their current modern and unique style.

The Swedes never cease to challenge their artistic boundaries, and on September 23rd, the band will release an impressive demonstration of their current live expertise on DVD – ‘Sounds From The Heart Of Gothenburg’.

Watch the teaser to the first 'Making Of' below.

Nostalgia or a return to their roots has never been an option for the progressive In Flames, but the setlist of this bombastic concert DVD tears through the band's entire history.

With 20 tracks, the show that was recorded at Gothenburg's Scandinavium, reaches a length of one and a half hours, and achieves in capturing the band at their very best, celebrating current hits such as 'Through Oblivion’, 'With Eyes Wide Open‘ and 'Rusted Nail‘ to a packed out arena. But of course, old school classics such as 'Trigger‘, 'Cloud Connected‘ and the hypnotic finisher 'Take This Life‘ are not left out. 

Prepare for an intensive and visually explosive performance in front of 10,000 fans featuring pyros, circle pits, flying crowdsurfers and In Flames' incomparable riffs. 

"This DVD is for everyone who was been following our career; we have songs from the early years, the middle years and the new era. It has to be fun for us to play but also fun for the audience to watch and we try to get a good flow with nice dynamics and different songs,” said Björn Gelotte. 

Watch the first trailer here:
Anders Fridén | vocals
Björn Gelotte | guitars
Peter Iwers | bass
Niclas Engelin | guitars