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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Strolling Bones for Slane

In case the rumour is still going about that DC are to play Slane this year it has been confirmed that the Strolling Bones (sorry Rolling Stones) are to play Slane on August 18th...but then regular readers will know that Belfastmetalheadsreunited told ya so on February 27th! Now let's see what other rumours we were 'told' by informed sources come to fruition :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Machine Head and Killswitch Engage play Belfast

Machine Head are not only releasing an astonishing new album on Monday, they're also playing Belfast! Yep Rob Flynn's mighty crew have announced they will play the Balmoral Hall on 8th June with Killswitch Engage as special guests!!! See ya there!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dio confusion

A few sites seem to be reporting a forthcoming DIO gig in Dublin on May 10th at Temple Bar Music Centre, prompting calls and emails to me (as if I'd know!!!!!).

Whether this is a tribute to the diminutive rock god, or a confusion over dates I spoke today to the promoters of the Heaven & Hell tour (Iommi, Butler, Dio & Appice) who were confused as Heaven and Hell will be playing Philadelphia on that night. As they said it was theoreically possible for Ronnie to play Dublin in the afternoon and still fly out for the Philly gig they thought it unlikely.
Now would anyone like to enlighten me as to how this confusion grew up, as my inbox is getting choked with enquiries I cannot answer except as given above!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Busy rock and metal calendar!

Bored as spring rolls in...fear not there's something for everyone in the coming weeks and months....

UFO - 23rd March - Spring & Airbrake
Overoth + Exisiting Threat - 23rd March - Lavery's Bunker
The Australian Pink Floyd – 23rd March – The Odyssey Arena
Stormzone - 24th March - Rosetta
Full Metal Racket - Waylander + Celtic Legacy + Old Season + Mass Extinction + Sinocence + Honey For Christ + For Ruin + Sorrowfall + Chokehold + Nemesis + Order Of Shadow - 25th March - The Bunker, Lavery's
Blind Friday - 28th March - NDAI (Bangor Tech)
My Chemical Romance – 1st April – RDS Simmonscourt
Trivium/Annihilator/Gojira/Sanctity – 8/9 April – The Ambassador (Dub)
Il Nino/Drowning Pool/Panic Cell - 15th April - Spring & Airbrake
Incubus - 15th April - Olympia, Dublin
Hatebreed 16th April - The Ambassador, Dublin
Breed 77 - 19th April - Spring & Airbrake
36 Crazyfists – 28th April – Spring & Airbrake
Desecration - 29th April - Aunt Annies
Alexisonfire - 1st May - The Limelight
Rise Against/The Bronx - 1st May - TBMC, Dublin
Juliette Lewis & The Licks -2nd May - Spring & Airbrake
Bryan Adams – 5th May – Odyssey Arena
The Answer - 11th May - Mandella Hall
Rattlesnake Remedy - 12th May - The Empire
Roger Waters – 14th May – The Point
CKY - 21st May - The Ambassador, Dublin
Saxon - 23rd May - Spring & Airbrake
Funeral for a Friend - May 28th - Mandella Hall
Meatloaf - 31st May – Odyssey Arena
Machine Head/Killswitch Engage - 8th June - Balmoral Hall
Slayer - 26th June - Live at the Marquee, Cork
Aerosmith - 26th June - Marley Park, Dublin
Diamond Head - 25th July - Rosetta
Cannibal Corpse - 28th July - TBMC Dublin
Velvet Revolver- 29th June - Marley Park, Dublin
Foo Fighters - 22nd August - Marley Park, Dublin

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Foo Foo ....

Just had my face re-arranged by doctors...okay it was only the nose that was re-arranged in a surgery called a septoplasty...if you really want to know what went on look it up in Wikipedia! And trust me it was a lot more painful than mentioned there...anyhows, that deviates from the nature of this blog....suffice to say that sleepless as I am owing to pain and lack of beer did notice that tickets for the Foo Fighters 22nd August gig at Marley Park in Dublin go on sale on Friday 16th March...