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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nearly forgot to mention Warrior Soul, Rob Zombie and SLF gigs!

DAMN this sobriety! Now that I have been temporarily cured of it I remember that I should have mentioned the following:
Stiff Little Fingers - Ulster Hall March 12th
Warrior Soul - Diamond Rock Club March 29th
Rob Zombie - Ulster Hall June 29th.

2011 - the year when the debit and credit cards get burned badly; beer tokens get stacked way too low and merch costs rocket. Maiden, Rush, Journey etc all gonna be costly not to mention the above!

Not directly metal, but it is a rant

HAD a wee rant back in October about work related stuff on a blog I rarely use, but one or two people (who mustn't have much better to do!) said I should post it here as it mentions Maiden, Sweet Savage, and DC and 'Tallica.

Read it here - if you really have nothing better to do :)

Perception isn't everything - Blaze into 2011 for Blaze

WHEN it comes to what we see and what we take as read, then all too often we screw it up. Looking back on December 2010 all we'll remember is the week of snow and frosts. So much airtime was taken up talking about record low temperatures in Ballygobackward that we'll not remember that the last week of the year had temperatures well above the seasonal average.

Perception versus reality?

While there way too many afflicted with no water and no heating, the blame game goes on. No-one seems to notice that under-investment for years has meant that our water systems are not capable - nor where they designed to - of coping with excessive rain, nor massive drainage of meltwater. Still it is easier to play the blame game when it's not your house flooded.

Perception versus reality?

That loathsome, contrived, faked and fucked up show called the X-Factor - and the show that claims Britain has Talent, then decides not to seek out any genuine talent - had more people read about it in red-top tabloids and shouty girly mags than actually watched the waste of televisual space

Perception versus reality?

Another confusion comes when it comes to the perception of fans of hard rock and heavy metal. According to any wank stain sneary, shoe gazing waste of oxygen, NME reading, music fashionista it's all a cliché and the fans are 'just so not us' except when they fawn over a DC gig and get all retro with Ozzy. According to the popular press it's all self-obsessed preening and silly air guitaring. Guess what...no; and you all know this already, we're just like the rest of humanity. We're a fucked up, screwed up, messed up collection of contradictions - but we're also willing to step up to the mark when needed, when required and when we can.

Perception can go fuck itself.

Some years ago I played a small part in a couple of charity gigs (hello to Laura who did most of the work, and whose idea it really was!) which saw metal and rock bands turn up, play, get drunk and fans turn up, get drunk etc. But it raised money for good causes as well as being a damn fine way to spend a Sunday.

Come Friday, 7th January metal will once again step up to the mark with Blazefest.

Sinocence, Sweet Savage, Honey for Christ, Nine Lies, devilmakesthree, and others will play the Spring and Airbrake in aid of Blaze's Appeal. Just visit the site to see why this is not only a good cause, but a damn good reason to get involved. Even if you can't go you can make a donation.

You see, like the rest of humanity we who come in all shapes, sizes, temperaments, lengths of hair, backgrounds, classes and general strangeness can make an effort, no matter how small, to make a difference. In the war against, as Billy Connolly put it, the beige, we as a community of rock and metal fans know that while we are inclined to, as Trucker Diablo point out, Drink Beer, Destroy, we are also inclined to reach out a hand and help others.

Details of the gig can be found here

If you can't be there, make a donation, make a difference, and rock harder than ever!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Dear blog...

Dear blog, my apologies. I've been neglecting you. Distracted by the bright shiny instant world of Twitter and Bakebook I've stayed away from your considerable delights and my immeasurable ability to rant and rave at the slightest provocation.

But my pledge to you is this: whenever I am under the affluence of incohol or just plain bored I shall make 2011 a vintage year for posts, reviews and maddening waffle. After all, it is already shaping up to be a vintage year of hard rock and heavy metal gigs, albums and general waving your arms in the air...

Usually I would, dear blog, offer up to you and your readers a summary of the year just past, pointing out the highlights, and suggesting the albums of the year. Simply put...I couldn't be arsed. Sorry about that dear blog. Suffice to say that Metallica, well they kicked all sorts of ass...

But, dear blog, I confess that I have been exhibiting a form of schizophrena with my purchases in what is laughingly called 'The Sales'. It is the one time of the year when I step into an emporium of musical type sales with no plan as to what to buy.

Thus, dear blog I emerged with an eclectic collection of CDs:

Dear blog, you may be distressed at the condition that produced such a weird collection of music, but fear not I have resolved to return to my normal ways of (a) not music shopping when sober and (b) re-order my iPod settings once I copy these all on to ye olde PC.

So dear blog, thanks for listening, and I now have to copy these seven CDs on to the PC, spend an enjoyable time reading liner notes and lyrics as I listen along...oh and I might just check what's on Twitter and Facebook; sorry bout that!

Yours sincerely


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Big four Sonisphere confirmed

SO we now have it confirmed that the BIG FOUR are to play Sonisphere - and yes that capitalisation is well deserved. Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth changed the face of metal - and for younger readers who have a pop at the odd member of the BIG FOUR you really have no idea at the impact this group of musicians had on heavier music.

So July 8th - the BIG FOUR, July 9th to be headlined by Biffy Clyro (shut up! I quite like the Biffy!) and July 10th it will be Slipknot.

Metallica / Slayer / Megadeth / Anthrax - The Big 4: Live From Sofia Bulgaria (2DV)

Now before I get the complete and total head staggers two requests - if there is to be a Belfast date for any of the above-mentioned can some promoter please confirm as soon as possible. Second request - Dear Satan's Claws: it is close to Chrimbo so tickets for Sonisphere with flights and accommodation better be in my Christmas stocking or...we're setting Sid on ye!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Bah Humbug this Xm@$

By my twisted nature I like Christmas - all that paganism, importedGermanic traditions, and echoes of both Ancient Celtic and Roman traditions it is one long celebration of Bacchanalian practices.

But, there also comes along that annoying over-hyped "race for Christmas Number 1". Last year the corporate numpties got a good kick in the mince pies when Rage Against the Machine topped the pop-pickers chart.

This year the "Keep the X-Factor" off number one slot has grown to see numerous contenders (I did enjoy one suggestion of a campaign to get Cannibal Corpse to Number one, but that has falled by the wayside!) vie to keep Cowell and co off the top.

With so many contestants in the fray is there a chance to geta decent hard rock song to knock Cowell into a cocked hat? Not bloody likely is the correct answer. Still failing to get a hard rock mainstay get a carousing , rip roaring rock song in its place.

Corey Taylor is releasing Xm@$ on December 12th. He is, of course singer with Slipknot and Stone Sour for those of you who have missed the last decade. He is also a man who admits to like Christmas, but bemoans the curmudgeons and grumpy gits who pop up every Christmas, so penned this ditty for them.

Normally when we review stuff, mention songs etc we rarely commend you, humble reader to make a purchase, for as a free-thinking individual with varying tastes who are we to say where you should spend your hard earned/ill-begotten (delete as applicable) cash. In this case we are commending you to purchase in the digital store of your choice Xm@$ for a number of reasons:
  • It's a genuinely witty song
  • The proceeds go to a good cause (Teenage Cancer Charity)
  • As you attend your office party you can sing the chorus as if it really is a Christmas song
  • It might, just might, get to Number One, or at least high up in ye olde charts
  • The last words are: 'Hi Simon!'
and finally
  • The radio chiefs will be in despair with the number of 'bleeps' they'll need to edit out if it was ever to be broadcast!