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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Nov 4th becomes even more packed

Stuck with something to do on November 4th? Not likely given the number of great gigs taking place that night.

If you don't fancy waiting until 5th May at the Odyssey to hear Bryan Adams music, tribute band Waking Up The Neighbours will be rocking The Empire with a set list covering all the Canuck rockers hits. (And for those of you who think 'Bryan' looks little familiar...he's the same guy that plays Vivian Campbell in Lepps tribute Deft Leppard).

Also on the 4th is the metal spectacular which sees American Head Charge, Panic Cell and Residual Effect take the stage at Th Limelight; and the space/prog rock delights of Muse at the Odyssey!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Lizzy turn Purple...

Thin Lizzy have been added to to the bill for next year's Deep Purple/Styx tour. The dates are: Newcastle Metro Radio Arena April 21, Manchester MEN Arena 22, Nottingham Arena 24, Cardiff CIA Arena 25, Bournemouth BIC 27, London Wembley Arena 28, Brighton Centre 29, Glasgow Clyde Auditorium May 1, Sheffield Hallam FM Arena 2, Birmingham NEC 3.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

'Tallica on The Simpsons

Hey - in case you missed it Metallica were on The Simpsons tonight - blink and you'll have missed it anyway! Good luck to Sikth tonight at The Limelight - how long before they get on The Simpsons...don't hold your breath guys, but remember Maiden haven't been on The Simpsons yet either....

Look out for Hunger's Mother next week - 27th October at Dunloe Bar in Derry/Londonderry, and on Saturday 28th at Katy Daly's Rocked Afternoon Show

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Very rockin' November

There can be no doubt about it now - November can be officially declared as the month that rockers, metalheads, punks, thrashers, deathheads, hellhounds and others of the crazed kind of anti-normal persuasion will end up bankrupt.

Quite simply the 11th month of 2006 is chock filled with rock 'n' roll madness. So, with a deep breath (and not forgetting that Motorhead/Therapy? gig on Hallowe'en Night...) here's what November has in store:
2nd - El Shakira, Speakasy QUB SU (all ages gig!)
3rd - Tizz Lizzy, Bryson's Bar, Magherafelt
3rd - Sinnocence, Overoth, Stillbirth, Revengeance - Rosetta Bar
4th - American Head Charge, Panic Cell, Residual Effect - The Limelight
4th - Exodus, Biochemical - Voodoo Lounge, Dublin
4th - Muse - Odyssey Arena
5th - Unholy Alliance II (Slayer et al \m/)
6th - Wolfmother, Olympia Theatre, Dublin
10th - Hunger's Mother - Ma Kelly's Ballymoney
10th - The Answer - Spring & Airbrake
11th - Arcane Suppression, Xero, Let Me Bleed - Rotterdam Bar
11th - Opeth, Paradise Lost - Vicar Street, Dublin
16th & 17th - Dragonforce - Mandella Hall
18th - Less Than Jake, Spring & Airbrake
19th & 20th - WASP, Spring & Airbrake
22nd - Tool - The Point

....may have missed one or two out...but otherwise, very busy month!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

All ages Shakira

Upcoming act Enter Shakira are playing an all ages gig at QUB Student Unions Speakeasy on the afternoon of Nov 2nd...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Presidential race thrown wide open

The 2008 US presidential race has been thrown wide open as the campaign to elect Ronnie James Dio to the Whitehouse gets underway....Read more here

Chart topping MCR

They're not to everyone's taste, but they have a purebred punk and metal heritage, but My Chemical Romance are keeping the resurgance of harder rock and metal to the fore - this week they're single Welcome to the Black Parade topped the official charts. No doubt in part helped by being on the Radio One 'A' playlist and a fantastic Tim Burton-esque video.

And Trivium's new platter of rock, The Crusade has charged to No. 7 in the official album charts, surely a sign that despite the negativity of some reviewers and the reluctance of growler fans to accet Heafey's new style vocals.

Musically it is not the most consistent the band could have made. Although it is an excellent 8 out of ten, it has the feel of a transitional album; one which will set solid ground for the young Floridians' next outing. But it is proof positive that hard touring, top musicianship and a positive attitude pays off. The chart entry shows that the unwarranted cynicism of some cannot deter this young band. (And when BelfastMetalheadsreunited met bassist Paolo last year he and the rest of the band turned out to be top blokes!)

When it comes to next week's chart hears hoping they hold their position, and MCR can debut their album high in the same chart. That said I have feeling that Cradle of Filth's new album won't scare the chart!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dark days for The Darkness

Dark days indeed for The Darkness with the announcement that Justin Hawkins has left the band to 'kick start' a solo career. The band meanwhile are to look for another front man.

Mmmmm, all seems a little on the weird side, but Justin could do well to remember what happened to others who believe that their individual name is bigger than the band that put that name in the tabloids.

Methinks that a career of crap records lies ahead for both sides of this equation, but I could be wrong. One thing though - won't Christmases be fun at the Hawkins household when Dan and Justin argue over turkey cutting rights, oops I meant royalty cutting rights!
All change for Motorhead, according to Virgin in Belfast 'Head are now shifted from the Point to the Olympia for the Hallowe'en gig. And, in other gig news Dragonforce have added a second night at the Mandella!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The problem with running a blog is that all good web sites it should be maintained regularly. The problem with having a viral gastric flu is that it is virtually impossibe to post on a blog when the insides are running out of you. Add in a follow on dose of flu, kids having same and, it may be a lame ass (sorry) excuse but hence the lack of posts.

And now with the shit cleared out of me posts are back, I'm back and Belfast Metal Reunited's team is out on the hunt for stories, reviews, news, gossip. If you were at any of the gigs missed cuz of illness (The Cult, Orange Goblin, UK Gunners Olympos Mons amongst others) and you want to pen a review let me know!

In the meantime a pic of Olympos Mons courtesy of the ever excellent RokPix's Colin Patterson: