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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Very rockin' November

There can be no doubt about it now - November can be officially declared as the month that rockers, metalheads, punks, thrashers, deathheads, hellhounds and others of the crazed kind of anti-normal persuasion will end up bankrupt.

Quite simply the 11th month of 2006 is chock filled with rock 'n' roll madness. So, with a deep breath (and not forgetting that Motorhead/Therapy? gig on Hallowe'en Night...) here's what November has in store:
2nd - El Shakira, Speakasy QUB SU (all ages gig!)
3rd - Tizz Lizzy, Bryson's Bar, Magherafelt
3rd - Sinnocence, Overoth, Stillbirth, Revengeance - Rosetta Bar
4th - American Head Charge, Panic Cell, Residual Effect - The Limelight
4th - Exodus, Biochemical - Voodoo Lounge, Dublin
4th - Muse - Odyssey Arena
5th - Unholy Alliance II (Slayer et al \m/)
6th - Wolfmother, Olympia Theatre, Dublin
10th - Hunger's Mother - Ma Kelly's Ballymoney
10th - The Answer - Spring & Airbrake
11th - Arcane Suppression, Xero, Let Me Bleed - Rotterdam Bar
11th - Opeth, Paradise Lost - Vicar Street, Dublin
16th & 17th - Dragonforce - Mandella Hall
18th - Less Than Jake, Spring & Airbrake
19th & 20th - WASP, Spring & Airbrake
22nd - Tool - The Point

....may have missed one or two out...but otherwise, very busy month!

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Rab said...

Hye might wnna change the November 11th date. The Lineup is now. Let Me Bleed, Xero, Tripple Zero and Unholy Wrath - Rotterdam bar.

Cheers, Rab.