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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Chart topping MCR

They're not to everyone's taste, but they have a purebred punk and metal heritage, but My Chemical Romance are keeping the resurgance of harder rock and metal to the fore - this week they're single Welcome to the Black Parade topped the official charts. No doubt in part helped by being on the Radio One 'A' playlist and a fantastic Tim Burton-esque video.

And Trivium's new platter of rock, The Crusade has charged to No. 7 in the official album charts, surely a sign that despite the negativity of some reviewers and the reluctance of growler fans to accet Heafey's new style vocals.

Musically it is not the most consistent the band could have made. Although it is an excellent 8 out of ten, it has the feel of a transitional album; one which will set solid ground for the young Floridians' next outing. But it is proof positive that hard touring, top musicianship and a positive attitude pays off. The chart entry shows that the unwarranted cynicism of some cannot deter this young band. (And when BelfastMetalheadsreunited met bassist Paolo last year he and the rest of the band turned out to be top blokes!)

When it comes to next week's chart hears hoping they hold their position, and MCR can debut their album high in the same chart. That said I have feeling that Cradle of Filth's new album won't scare the chart!

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