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Friday, July 30, 2010

Here's a wee Trash Talk exclusive for ya!

ON Monday the support for the awesome Cancer Bats' November 4th Limelight appearance will be announced as Trash Talk and Vera Cruz...and we have to say that this is shaping up to be a tasty autumn night of full on noise.

Trash Talk - for the uninitiated - were a nominee for Kerrang!'s besy international newcomer. Normally that would have most of you running for cover, but bear with us here: Trash Talk are a nice, thrashy hardcore band, and one perfectly fitting with the Cancer Bats trademark anarchy. Check out the track Explode off the Eyes and Nines album to see where we are coming from.

So, November 4th: Cancer Bats, Trash Talk, Vera Cuz - all at the Limer for a measly £12...another heavy night in store in a long year of neck breaking, liver killing, ear bleeding 'heavy fuggin metal.

Come this weekend 'twill be time try and sum up all that is coming up...if you see me bealry eyed at the Spring and Airbrake at Soulfly on Monday it will be not because of the beer but as a result of trying to list everything coming up!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Soulfly winner

Thanks to the many people who tortured my email inbox with entries to our Soulfly competition. The winner is Bill (he knows who he is).

For the others who entered in the hope of scoring a free pair of tickets now's the time to make your way to buy the ticket. And while you are there pick up a Fear Factory ticket (Gacy's Threads confirmed as FF support).

Seriously, this is a chance to see two epic acts, who have each, in their own way, shaped metal in recent years. But unlike a lot of acts they continue to do so...Soulfly's Omen is a contender for album of the year.

Soulfly play on Monday (with Sinocence) and Fear Factory the next night.

Exodus coming to town

Exodus are coming to town - legendary Bay Area thrashers will be coming to town thanks on November 21st, in a line-up including Man Must Die. Tickets are £20 for an Ormeau Avenue spectacular.

And, this came after I'd just cleared a lot old vinyl out, disposed off to the wonderful Dragon Records in Belfast. Visit them in Wellington Place to see if there are any Exodus or other 80s thrash albums lurking there...[hint: I know there are because they took a lot off my hands :)]

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

White Wizzard

American purveyors of NWOBHM style White Wizzard are playing playing Auntie Annies on the 7th November.

Well, various web sites (rock radio, totalrock) are saying Auntie Annies, but CDC 's web site was initially saying The Limelight...All cleared up now: the gig is definitely at Annies (unless hundreds of you all pile into buy tickets and it has to be upgraded)

Sinocence support Soulfly

Sinocence have been confirmed as support for Soulfly on August 2nd at the Spring & Airbrake.

And don't forget that the competition win tickets to the gig closes tonight!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oh how remiss of a child in time...

LET'S face it...this blog that has been going for almost five years has missed as many reviews and comments about gigs as it has actually reviewed and commented upon. [And for those others who review gigs please remember the legalities associated with reviews!]

So it is almost a month after the event but here's a quick review of Deep Purple's appearance in Belfast....Twas rather good!

That quick enough for you?

But seriously...we rather think that Purps are pushing at the boundaries of way tooooooo past it. While they performed rather well, and laid out greatest hits set there was a slight (and only there for discerning listeners)  air of a 'pension tour' about the show.

Rationally we were there to have fun and we did - so much fun that we can't remember from the end of the set to waking the next morn with the riff off Black Night stuck like a nagging thought in the mind.

And, that, ultimately was what Deep Purple's Belfast show was about...a trip down memory lane (Knebworth was better) that rewarded long time fans but broke no new ground.

In contrast - despite
 the negative comments from some - Sweet Savage are adding new songs to their NWOBHM catalogue.

Still - despite all - it was Deep Purple in Belfast and that deserves a 'Hell Yeah!'

It may be the last time that they are capable of a proper tour with a semblance of s proper line-up, but at least they played Belfast in the final round-up.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wanna win Soulfly tickets?

Do you want to win a couple of tickets to see Soulfly? Of course you do!

Anyone who has a heart beating with the molten lead of heavy metal couldn't but want see Max and co rip up Belfast once again!

Well, those kind folks at CDC (cheers Sabrina and Dino) have a pair of tickets up for grabs for Soulfly's 2nd August appearance at the Spring and Airbrake. All you gotta do is tell us the name of Max Cavalera's crew's latest platter. Email yer answers to be in with a chance.

Closing date is Tuesday 27th July - usual competition rules apply (which basically are, if you're not in you can't win!)

Wee quick bitterness

Wee quick word here to display my bitterness...yeah A Little Bitterness!

There are many excellent Norn Iron bands hitting the boards across the land. Indeed there are too many to list! But I have an exceptionally soft spot (sorry Seamy but you don't make me hard except musically) for A Little Bitter.

Tonight A Little Bitter once again rocked like their asses depended upon it.

But c'mon a 50 minute set!

A Little Bitter have a musical depth that can be missed by casual listeners, and have consistently turned out recorded product and live shows deserving of a much higher profille.

While it may be easy to slip in a cover version (tonight it was DC's TNT) to keep the punters hapy, the two albums worth of material A Little Bitter can bring to bear on proceedings should obviate the need for such steps.

All in all A Little Bitter are A Little Bit Special - those who disagree are entitled to their opinion, but it;'s my feckin blog :)

Hell I even liked the live arrangement of 'Nothing' and Johnny's blatant abuse of the Wah Wah pedal during solos :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Been away too long....

Hi all - I've been singularly remiss about keeping this blog updated, but shit happens etc!

Normal service will be returned as of this coming week...with features on Fear Factory and a Soulfly ticket competition courtesy of our good friends at CDC.

Til then I'll leave you with this thought. The top-earning act in the world over the ast 12 months was U2, with DC 2nd....Metallica didn't even make it to the top 10: but then again I'm pretty sure that when the next 12 months list comes out Maiden and Metallica (+Jovi) will push out the likes of Beyonce and Gaga...if not then what are you spending your beer tokens on?

Thanks to everyone who has expressed concern at the absence of updates: 'Twas for a very reasonable reason!