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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Turbonegro in Dublin

Fat Norwegian hetrosexuals dressed like refugees fron Village People...It shouldn't work; it should be wrong, but in front of a partisan Dublin Iron Maiden crowd Turbonegro wowed with a combination of hot licks and comedy raps. After all, who would dare joke in Ireland about the Potato Famine, as well as offer the audience a chance to join a Viking Prostitution Ring!

All in all Turbonegro proved they have the balls and humour to win over a tough crowd!


Anonymous said...

Did you know that turbonegro is a scandanavian drug called black speed?!

apparantly its highly addictive and expensive and can only be bought in norway itself...

anyhoo... yes turbonegro played a great show and deservingly backed up the gods, iron maiden!

i was sad that turbonegro didnt play my fav song "fuck the world" but they still played a fuckin great show!!!!

dont diss villiage people lol!!

stephen B

Jonny said...

Ah my little Viking friend, did you know that many parts of Northern Ireland were once colonised by Vikings? It is we, Norn Ironers who first introduced the Scandanavian wimps to Black Speed (with a 10% discount for metal heads naturally)

For the Norsk, Svenska and other dodgy blokes in longships with blond hair thought they were coming to pillage our monasteries, rape our women and colonise our land, Instead our women took them on, bore their babies and nagged them about going away on those boats and never bringing back enough bacon, while our monasteries conned them into converting to the false God (no not Manson you dick!) and sold them bootleg illustrated manuscripts ("Genuine Book of Kells mate...").

All the while they believed they were conquering us here in l'il ole Ulster... The same misapprehension has been enjoyed by other provinces on this island, God-botherers, the English, French, Spanish, half a dozen political parties and two small hamsters.

All have failed, muh hah hah...