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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Maiden, Maiden, Maiden

There comes a time in your life, when 40 is a couple of years away and you think to yourself that maybe your getting a little too old for Iron Maiden. Well, if this happening to you, buy a gun and shoot yourself!

The sight of 40,000 plus people headbanging, moshing, jumping, screaming and generally having a great time at Dublin's RDS Arena was enough to re-vitalise the coldest, deadest metal heart.

"Iron Maiden's gonna get ya?" Too fucking right mate!

Maiden do, like Ronseal, exactly what it says on the tin! Deliver, tight, uncompromising metal - singalongs, banter and classics.

The sound of 40,000 plus people singing along to Run To The Hills, Number of the Beast, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Running Free etc shook the foundations (cliché there, sorry) of the RDS, and warmed many a heart.

And Bruce has matured to the point were his onstage banter is professional, but more importantly honest. He dealt with an early technical problem with aplomb and then discussed - yes, you got that right discussed - the controversial flying of the Union Jack at the Point Theatre during the Dance of Death tour.

The only bigger gig in Dublin in 2005 was some half-forgotten post punk band that go by the name of U2. While they may have had more people at Croke Park, one has to wonder if that crowd would have had half the passion of the many crowded into the RDS on August 31st.

Did you see the Maiden reviews in the papers? No fucking chance, there weren't any!

But we here at Belfast Metal Reunited were there, and more importantly discovered that Maiden read this blog. (Actually we're not that sure...)

At Reading Maiden ended with Iron Maiden. After that we published an empassioned plea for Running Free, Drifter and Killers.

To our surprise, delight and spilled pints of Miller, Maiden emerged after Iron Maiden to play stunning versions of Running Free and Drifter!!!! We assume that the restrictions on time meant they couldn't squeeze in Killers, but thanks Bruce, Steve, Dave, Adrian, Janick and Nicko - a helluva show - can't wait til next time!

All together now: Scream for Me Dublin...Maiden, Maiden, Maiden...


Anonymous said...

i agree jonny, maiden completely took my breath away and im sure the breath of most of the fans there... if they didnt, then the moshing sure did!!

theres nothing like the feeling of being in the middle of 40000 maiden fans when they play the classics like run to the hills and the trooper.

would of loved to see the likes of fear of the dark, but there will be another time, and most of the songs played, wont be played live again.

the only dislike i had was that northern irish prat that was wearing a maiden tee, and at the same time yelling "wanker" and "fuck off" at bruce.
some maiden fan, eh! you dont go to see maiden to slag bruce... you dont slag bruce at all.

maiden are the gods of heavy metal, and 40000 people helped prove that in the rds arena!

see ya

stephen B

Jonny said...

Yep Steve! Was one helluva show. And when they are back next year with a new album under their aging belts I am confident that they will play 'Fear of the Dark' At least if Belfast Metal Reunited ask for it I'm sure they will :)

Anonymous said...

Jonny... i love you... i love you... i love you!!!


Do a post on tracii guns... PLEASE!"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stephen b

Jonny said...

Tracii Guns post...mmm, let's see what has that esteemed Mr Guns done in recent years that is relevant to the music scene today...mmmm, oh, yes, Fuck All! Nearly forgot there for a moment. Nevertheless I will consider this request youngling...