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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hide the acoustic!

Occassionally I verge on insanity - hence I purchased the Bon Jovi new slab of CD for The Warden. Now don't get me wrong, Jon has put a few good tracks together in his time, but incereasginly over recent years he has been, well how can I say it, mellow!

At Donington '87 he rocked the crowd into submission and on the New Jersey tour did the same thing at Belfast's King's Hall.

Then why the hell did they let him near an acoustic guitar. The acoustics are littered all over the Have a Nice Day CD like spots on a chickenpox victim. Most of the tracks are okay - there are even one or two good ones. But will somebody hide that man's acoustic! Jon, you may be pushing on a bit in years, but dammit if we head to Dublin to see you on your tour, lose the bloody acoustic and rock out like you used to do!


Anonymous said...

Not impressed at all with what you had to say.I also have the new cd and it is brilliant,and so what if he does use an acoustic big deal.I will be in Dublin and thats only one of the places i'll be going whether or not he plays a bloody acoustic.what can i say they arent a thrash metal band theres enuff of that shite about!!!!


Anonymous said...

Can you send me your acoustic copy of 'Have a Nice Day' cos mine dosn't seem to have any totally acoustic songs on it at all! Maybe there's too many actual tunes on it for ya, you know things that you can sing along to, music with a bit of soul & feeling! Stick to PRETEND rock bands like Funeral4 a Shite & My Chemical Ballbag, oh and yeah i nearly 4got, Biffy Fuckin' Clyro! No acoustics & no fuckin tunes, just SHITE!!!! :) MB

Jonny said...

Dear all posters - thank you for your kind and refreshing comments :)

It appears that there is indeed, come confusion over Mr Pun Jabi's album. I do indeed find it refreshing to hear the occassional acoustic geetaaar strummed lightly, but for God's sake he has a little acoustic strum along on almost every track. Methinks that now the actor/singer is a little bit long in the tooth, that standing still with his acoustic means he doesn't have to move around too much and perhaps bump into Richie Mars Bar Sambora.

Truth be told I do like the album, and it certainly scores high on the hummability stakes. Strange thing is my favourite track is the bonus number Unbreakable...which coincidentally borrows a keyboard riff from one of those shite modern bands Head Automatica...life's weird!

Anonymous said...

All i can say is we'll see how much you can jump about when you are in your 40's and as for 'Richie Mars Bar Sambora' i'd say hes in excellent shape for 46,but then i'm only a stupid female,what would i know...

Anonymous said...

As the main man himself says '100,000,000 Bon Jovi fans can't be wrong' end of story. And as for modern shite bands, I really wonder who i'll go to see in 10 years time when all the good OLD bands are gone! As for acoustics, have a nice day, i wanna be loved,last man standing, not an acoustic in sight, or else your deaf!!!!! MB

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