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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Maiden set list Reading

For those of you (including me:) ) journeying forth to Dublin to see Maiden some foreknowledge...the set-list they played at Reading was as follows:
  • Murders In The Rue Morge
  • Another Life
  • Prowler
  • The Trooper
  • Remember Tomorrow
  • Run To The Hills
  • Wrathchild
  • Revelations
  • Where Eagles Dare
  • Die With Your Boots On
  • Phantom Of The Opera
  • The Number Of The Beast
  • Hallowed Be Thy Name
  • Iron Maiden

That's about a 75% hit rate for my fav tracks off the first four albums - but come on guys!
No Running Free!
No Charlotte the Harlot!
No Killers!
No Drifter! Please, please, please...slot these in!
And if you throw in Innocent Exile and Purgatory I promise not to stage dive and try and give Dave (what a guy) Murray high fives in the middle of a solo unlike last time in Dublin (okay, I'm sorry, I was very drunk and very happy as it was the first time I'd seen Maiden since Donington 1988!)

PS: Where did Mastodon go from the bill. I mean Turbonegro are funny, but accomplished musicians they ain't!


Anonymous said...

Hi J, Baal here....Not much point in turning up until after Manson, there wont be any good music before Maiden! Unless they play some Lizzy stuff as backing music!!!!

Jonny said...

Ach but old habits die hard - we pay that much to see the fucker we may as well go to see what the fucking fuss is all about. Anyway it's not like we're going to enjoy watching him, but one or two good songs might raise their ugly heads. And given that it's allegedly his last tour it might be one to tell the grandkids "I was there when Brian Warner finally got rid of his Manson alter ego - he was still crap, but I was there..."

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