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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Less than 24 hours

There are now less than 24 hours before your Belfast Metal Reunited correspondent stumbles into the Dublin night after the exhiliration of seeing Maiden (again).

But first, a few words on the spat between Mr Dickinson and one Sharon Osbourne - Fuck off Sharon! There, that's a few words. Remember Sharon that bands like Trivium have told the tale of who was asking for eggs to be thrown...

Now stop destroying my delerious memories of Ozzy and Sabbath. And for fuck sake can you not take a joke? Can you not take a bit of a slagging? It's only rock 'n' roll y'know! What is it, are you now down to your last £40 million promoting sad pop fucks on Shit Factor? C'mon, we the people whose money helped put you and Ozzy in the lap of luxury could not give two flying gypsy fucks for those sad wanks. Now go back into your box, respect Maiden and let Ozzy retire peacefully with our glorious memories of Sabbath and Early Ozzy intact. Please


Anonymous said...

Too right J, FUCK SHARON O!!!! Read her interview in Kerrang on Maiden fan forum, she's an arrogant fuckin' asshole. Had to laugh when she slagged off Maiden for the money the got outa Ozzfest, like she does Shit Factor,ASDA adverts & the Osbournes for free....As for Ozzy being recognised in London before Bruce, when's he gonna fuckin' play a tour in the UK, oh that's rite, not enuff dollars over here!

Mark B

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