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Monday, August 29, 2005

Did I laugh...

There are times when you have to take your life and sanity in your hands. This I did tonight. For my son at a mere eight years of age had not been allowed to go to 'proper' concerts. Therefore I agreed to take him to the Loughshore Festival tonight where Kiss tribute band 'Hotter than Hell' were playing.

What a mistake!

Support came from local act Payola. The years earning their crust playing crap gigs and half empty bars showed as they turned in a great set. Their own songs actually played better than the covers. The cover of Ace of Spades was defintiely a mistake!

Then came to this lowly stage the Kiss tribute band. Fucking hell that was the most disappointing pyro ever! The Gene Simmons character had bigger man boobs than me, the version of Deuce was muddy and after a half decent cover of Heaven's on Fire I decided that this was to be the highlight of the night after three songs and bade the balmy shoreline festival my leave.

Arriving home I pressed the tape of Double Platinum into my son's hands with the words "The Real Thing wee man, the real thing..."

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