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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Don't forget

While we all sit with bated breath anticipating all the new and original acts playing in Belfast, and the multi-platinum super-groups playing Dublin, don't forget Bon Jovi Experience are playing at The Empire, Belfast on Saturday night. See ya at the bar!


Anonymous said...

Hi J,how is anyone supposed to see that.Their name should've been the headliner or whatever you call it.Not 'dont forget' very disappointed tut tut,but never mind i'm sitting drooling over Richie at the minute :o)

sylvia(youre drinking partner for sat night)

Anonymous said...

not that you would know as you couldnt make it.......But for those of us who did manage to go it was absolutely amazing.....the guys were fantastic,music excellent..an amazing tribute band. If you like Bon Jovi you'll love these guys deffo worth checkin out.They will be back on 1st April then again in August..