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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Stones in Europe

Hey the Strollin' Bones - sorry Rolling Stones - are touring Europe and have slotted a gig for Dublin on 18th August. Now why should that bother a self-respecting metal blog? Well:
  • In the US 'Tallica and Crue have both been support acts, so maybe there's some hope of a decent line-up
  • It may be the last chance to see Mick and Keef before they die
  • It will be the last chance to see Keef before he shames himself in Pirates of the Carribean 24
  • They did end the Hippy era at Altamont though not intentionally
  • WASP did a kick ass version of Paint It Black
  • Sympathy for the Devil is a bad nasty song :) with lyrics that could have been penned by any number of Norwegian Black/Death metallers and Guns 'n' Roses did a snazzy cover of it for the Interview with a Vampire flick.

Ok, these are fairly flimsy reasons, but it's a chance for Belfast Metal Reunited's gig reviewers to go down to Dublin and get pissed!

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