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Saturday, April 11, 2009

From the ashes rises...a rock night!

As you will have already read the Antrim Rock Fest 09 has been killed off by residents. Below is the official press release, and confirmation that the Seven Bar and Diner rock nights will kick off on 24th April. Doors 9pm, £3 with the Dark Angels at the helm DJing.

Antrim Rock Fest Cancelled

The hotly anticipated rock festival ‘Antrim Rock Fest 09’ has unfortunately been cancelled due to complaints by local residents.

With over 1,100 tickets sold for the end of May event, it was shaping up to be Northern Ireland’s largest live music festival. If you have already purchased a ticket from Ticketmaster, they will be crediting your debit card with a refund. For those of you who had journeyed up to SEVEN (formerly Shanogue House) on the Sevenmile Straight to buy tickets, they will fully refund you also.

Event promoter Daniel McCartney from 3D Productions (
www.3dni.co.uk) commented, “It’s an absolute shame that this event is not going ahead. We are very disappointed as you can imagine. Antrim could do with a bit of good publicity at the moment, and with this festival it could have brought thousands of live music enthusiasts from all over Ireland” he added, “You can be sure there will be an Antrim Rock Fest 2010, it will just have to be held in a far off field, miles away from any residents. Be sure to log onto www.antrimrockfest.com for details”.

On a smaller scale, SEVEN is about to launch a new Rock Night on Fridays starting the 24th April. Resident rock chic DJs the ‘Dark Angels’ will be joined by a different rock band every week for a night of ‘full on’ rock music. They’re calling it the “Stick it to the man” mini-rockfest! Doors open at 9pm and admission is only £3.

It looks like SEVEN is now going down the ‘live music’ route after the recent success of the Chicago blues band the Pontiax. A full house of 30 to 50 somethings turned up for a very entertaining night of live music, and the Pontiax have already pen’d in another date for Saturday 9th May. Starting in May, every Saturday will play host to a live band. Whether it be a Garth Brooks or Blues Brothers tribute, or just a great cover band, live music is now the thing. Plus every Sunday night there’s an acoustic artist taking stage for a more relaxing ‘end of week’ style live music set. All in all, things are definitely coming aLive at SEVEN!

SEVEN Bar & Diner on the Sevenmile Straight, Antrim. Tel: 028 9442 8510

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