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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Onslaught press release

More press info from the Distortion Project:
The Distortion Project presents:
ONSLAUGHT http://www.myspace.com/onslaughtuk
DEVILMAKESTHREE http://www.myspace.com/devilmakesthree + more TBC
Friday 28th August. The Spring & Airbrake, Ormeau Avenue, Belfast. Doors 9pm.
Tickets (£11) available from katys dalys, auntie annies and all ticketmaster outlets. Web bookings: www.ticketmaster.ie, www.geturticket.com. Credit card hotline 0870 2434455
http://www.thedistortionproject.com http://www.myspace.com/distortionproject

"Onslaught was formed in 1982 by Nige Rockett (guitar) and Steve Grice (drums). The band began life under the influence of the second generation of hard-core punk bands like Discharge, G.B.H, & The Exploited and the more metallic Motorhead.

"After 2 years of writing and hard gigging a deal was secured with underground label 'Children of the Revolution Records' and the band released its first album, 'POWER FROM HELL' in 1985.

"The album was fervently received by the nascent thrash underground and contained a number of tracks that were to grow to become considered as thrash metal anthems, including the eponymous Onslaught (Power From Hell), Angels of Death and Death Metal (itself the subject of some conjecture – was this tune the first usage of the term ’Death Metal’ anywhere?)

"In 1986, Onslaught with the addition of new vocalist Sy Keeler signed to the mighty ’Music for Nations’ records and we saw the release of the highly acclaimed ’THE FORCE’ album.. For many this is the definitive Onslaught record, containing more thrash classics like ’Let There Be Death, Metal Forces and Fight with the Beast’, the album received rave reviews across the world and catapulted Onslaught in to the higher circles of thrash metal and were seen by many as Europe’s hopefuls to end the American domination of the metal scene.

"Touring with Motorhead, a legendary appearance at the 1st Dynamo Festival and shows with Anthrax and Nuclear Assault, simply added more firepower to Onslaught's ever growing arsenal.

"The huge success of ‘THE FORCE’ album saw a wealth of major labels chasing Onslaughts signatures for the release of the 3rd album ‘In Search Of Sanity’. The band eventually signed with ‘London records (Polygram)’ before releasing ISOS in 1989, but this was not to be without controversy... Sy Keeler was unceremoniously sacked by the record company and Steve Grimmett was brought in as his replacement.

"The ISOS album is the bands biggest selling release to date, containing blistering thrashers like ‘Lightning War’ ‘Powerplay’ and the truly epic ‘Welcome To Dying’. But once again internal problems reared their ugly head just as the band were tipped to rise to even bigger things, Steve Grimmett (who is appearing this weekend at Full Metal Racket) quit the band after less than 1 year in the ranks and Onslaught would eventually split in 1990.

"Move on - 2005........ The Onslaught back catalogue is re-released worldwide and shows that there is still a massive interest in the band, with a great deal of unfinished business and a great sense of under achievement still haunting the guys here was the opportunity to do something about it. Nige Rockett / Steve Grice / Jim Hinder & Sy Keeler along with new guitarist Al Jordan sign a deal with the prestigious 'Candlelight records' and set about work on the 4th ‘Slaught album.

"With producer Andy Sneap (Megadeth/Arch Enemy/Testament) at the helm, the beast that is KILLING PEACE was born... a monstrous slab of pure, uncompromising Thrash Metal. New tracks such as Burn - Killing Peace - Twisted Jesus - Shock & Awe, prove that Onslaught are back in brutally devastating form... The album was received to huge critical acclaim from the world’s metal press and fans alike and once again the band was back in rapid ascendency... Onslaught then took the album to the live stage with devastating effect, huge performances at Sweden Rock / Up From the Ground / Bang Your Head festivals to name just a few, have seen the band regain their reputation as a formidable live act....Playing over 180 shows/festivals in all corners of the globe, since returning.

"But as always there are casualties to success, due to the ever growing workload and promotional demands on the band following the release of KP, first Jim Hinder & later Al Jordan were unable to commit 100% to Onslaught’s future and reluctantly had to step down... Enter Jeff Williams (Bass) & Andy Rosser-Davies (Guitar), two phenomenal musicians, who have brought so much more to the Onslaught camp in terms of talent / attitude and aggression. Since their arrival the band has grown into a whole new machine, this has become clearly evident."

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