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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

England, Greece, Belgium, and a few local lads

Saturday and metal chaos descends on the Mandella Hall with Full Metal Racket 2009.

Paradise Lost, Grim Reaper make up the English assault, with Greece represented by Rotting Christ and Airgead L'Amh, Thurisaz are the Belgian contenders. Local noise comes from Scald, Celtic Legacy, Sorrowfall, Sinnocence, For Ruin and Decayor.

Yep, it's an all ages mental metal day. Tickets (at an entirely reasonable £24.50 are still available from Ticketmaster or direct from www.fmr2009.com. Might even be a few at the door for the lucky ones!

And the next day the Mandella Hall gets a NWOBHM blitz from Saxon, Sweet Savage and Doro Pesch!


Monk said...

I hear Grim Reaper aren't actually playing, but Steve Grimmett is "turning up" - this is according to one of the organisers touting for busine!ss at the Odeon tonight

Jonny said...

Think that might be true...but Steve was Grim Reaper!

Alterz said...

GRIM REAPER 9.15 – 10.00

colin said...

This was epic. Was transporting all the Rotting Christ, Paradise Lost and Grim Reaper folk's from airport to hotel and venue for the weekend, and all were sound as ! They all really enjoyed the gig and looked forward to making a return trip at some point. No attitude's from any of them either which was nice to see.

Anonymous said...

was it as dead as everyone said?