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Friday, July 15, 2016

NEWS: Symphonic folk rock and Helen of Troy - that'll be Serpentyne then

British Folk rockers Serpentyne have released a lyric video for “Helen Of Troy”, their first of a series of videos from their upcoming album “The Serpent’s Kiss”.

Vocalist Maggie-Beth Sands said this of the track: "This song is based on the Greek legend. Helen, daughter of Leda, Queen of the Spartans, was seduced and taken to the city of Troy by its Prince Paris. Menelaus, the Spartan King, took his fleet of a thousand ships to Troy to rescue her, and thus embarked on the Trojan War.

"He and his troops eventually entered the city hidden in the Trojan horse, rescued Helen and took her back to Sparta."

The new video can be found is below.

Serpentyne was formed in 2010 by Maggie-Beth Sands and Mark Powell. The band enjoyed success throughout the UK and mainland Europe, with its unique blend of what John Collinge, editor of the Progression magazine (USA) called “symphonic folk-rock.” The first album “Stella Splendens” was released in 2011, followed by “Myths and Muses” in 2014.

2015 saw a change of direction for the band, emphasising the symphonic rock quality of the music, whilst keeping a link with the World music arena. The result is a fresh new album, “The Serpent’s Kiss,” scheduled for release on September 27th 2016.

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