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Friday, July 08, 2016

ALBUM REVIEW: Raging Speedhorn roar back into life on new release Lost Ritual

WHEN Raging Speedhorn first started out on their musical odyssey things seemed to be bubbling along nicely, releasing several acclaimed albums and achieving pretty much cult status, then things went a bit pear-shaped.

But, somehow they resurrected themselves, and when they played Hammerfest a year and a half ago the band seemed re-vitalised, and just as angry as ever.

Now, they are about to embark on a UK-tour and release their new platter of nasty, heavy as hell, collection of tunes, 'Lost Ritual' - and this is Raging Speedhorn as we should hear them.

Lyrical fury melded with music to stomp about the living room, never mind the mosh pit.

There are few, if any weak points on this release, but there are high points in abundance. 'Evil or Mental', 'The Hangman' and epic closer 'Unleash The Serpent' are tracks that can stand head and shoulders with any other current band's output.

That the band were forced to undertake a Pledge campaign to compile this album is criminal at a time when so much mediocre material is 'snapped up' by labels. Perhaps labels get confused by Raging Speedhorn; after all they don't fit neatly into pre-judged genres.

The band teeter between metal and hardcore and don't seem to give a fuck about where you classify them. 'Ten Of Swords' is sludge and hardcore, but above all a stormer of heaviness, while the track that follows 'Dogshit Blues' starts with an urgent a metal riff.

This is an album that deserves a wide audience, acclaim and listener base.

Pledgers will have received their copy by now, and a wider release will be underway soon. You can also pick up a copy if you hit up any of their tour dates in the UK.

Review by Jonny

The UK tour sees Raging Speedhorn play with Stoneghost and Belfast's own By Any Means. It kicks off of July 15th in Colchester and runs until 23rd July in London.

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