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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

ALBUM REVIEW: Seek Irony testing boundaries on Tech N' Roll - but does its electronica and rock mix?

WHEN the PR blurb that accompanies a release declares that a band creates a place "where the girls come to dance and the guys bang their heads" you come at the album with a wariness and suspicion, at best.

Such was the case when Seek Irony's release 'Tech N' Roll' came wandering into our review folder. And, to be honest, while it is nowhere near our musical tastes, there are some compelling tracks on this, such as the (early) Faith No More influenced 'When You Lie' that garnered an extra listen over the standard three required by basic reviews.

The PR blurb also declares : it’s music born out of the many influences and experiences of the individual band members into a cohesive and powerful blend of modern and alternative rock with an electronica twist and yet, it all comes together harmoniously, powered by meaningful lyrics and passionate melodies. It is an entertaining experience of loud drums and guitars mixed with dancy beats, featuring true musicianship, a unique lights show and dancers in costumes..."

We, of course, cannot attest about the dancers or light shows, but that actually seems a fair enough description. Some tracks are well beyond the comfort zone of this site - 'Running Towards The End Of The World' is just not a good enough mash up of styles.

On opener 'She' and the almost mainstream 'Low' there is enough of a rock core to earn a healthy hat tip from us.

However, the reality is that the rhythms and electronic segments don't always work for this Israeli act, now re-located in Austin, Texas. They may gain an audience from those who want a little more rock than Skrillex or from fans of Skrillex; hell they may get some Radio One listeners...

It is our bias, and we don't deny it, but they need less synths and more 'geetar'. They write reasonably good lyrics and have some good arrangements, but we say it again - more 'geetar'!

Review by Jonny

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