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Thursday, July 14, 2016

COMIN' ATCHA - Gama Bomb set to blast The Empire

THERE are a lot of gigs coming up in the days, weeks and months ahead. Enough to bankrupt your average rocker and metalhead...

Before you plunge headlong into your savings accounts and divest yourself of any investments that you have collect your coppers and 5p pieces and count them all out for Saturday night.

The venerable Belfast Empire is hosting a thrash-fest on the 16th July...

Headlining are those Newry thrashers, Gama Bomb. If you have never seen Philly and co live then don't hang your head in shame - just rack up to the Botanic Avenue venue to see the thrash trope given a huge intravenous injection of humour.

And, you'll learn more about Robocop than you could ever wish for...You'll understand when you see 'em live as well as the (alleged) William Defoe's drug habits.

Also on the bill are Rabid Bitch of the North. Joe and his merry metal compadres are preparing for their appearance at Bloodstock in less than four weeks.

They bring the classic metal sound bang up to date with a fast and furious flourish. Did we mention they're playing Bloodstock?

The thrash-tastcic Scimitar will be bringing their monstrous visions of medieval conflict and modern injustices to a soundtrack of the apocalypse.

Opening the evening are Wardomized. Just two years after their d├ębut release come see how these maniacs have evolved.

Tickets, priced at the very reasonable price of £12, that works out at £3 per band... See ya there.

Gama Bomb

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