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Friday, July 15, 2016

ALBUM REVIEW: Blues Pills land a precious cargo with ‘Lady In Gold’

WHEN you want to say psychedelic hard blues rock it really is much easier to just say Blues Pills. That’s because with this album the band solidifies that they embody this type of rock as they land their second album ‘Lady In Gold’.

The title is an apt description, as this precious piece of 60’s influenced psychedelic blues rock is 10 tracks of pure untainted gold.

Kicking off with the title track ‘Lady In Gold’ your ears will be caressed as this tune courses beautifully through your speakers. It produces the cinematic feeling of a smart debonair  60s/70s spy with a wry smile on their face turning all those heads as they drive round Monaco in an open air sports car. Gorgeous sounds just ooze from this track.

Leading on next is ‘Little Boy Preacher’ which will have your foot tapping along. Again the 60s influence is unmistakeable but stunningly crafted for 2016. If ambrosia could be distilled through a lava lamp attached to a Marshall amp the product would be this song.

Rocking and rolling along with harmonic organ in the background belting out a tune that will at the very least make you smile.

Now, take it a little bit easier and chilled out in the back room with ‘Burned Out’. Even with its fast beat and melody you can feel the music just telling you to sit back and enjoy the ride. The guitars meld with a golden deliciousness alongside the organ and Elin Larsson’s silky powerful voice entices you on to forget everything but her.

Then came along ‘I Felt A Change’ which just seems unapologetically pure 70s soul and dares you not to think of the saddest memory you have. Elin’s belts this out with pure emotion and clarity. This is silky smooth psychedelic soul that just drips with sentiment. A really impressive slow way down song that is just screaming to be the signature end credits track of another epic spy movie.

Then comes along ‘Gone So Long’ that just cries out to be at the start of an epic film, kicking off with a solid heartbeat that is ever present throughout. This slowed down stroll through your emotion allows the band to be a little more orchestral sounding. The opulence of this tune feels like the creative lovechild of The Doors and Jefferson Airplane. Elin pulls out her inner Grace Slick in this song and it’s a joy to behold.

Then a quick twist takes you on to ‘Bad Talkers’ a funky bit of rock to get you pumped up again. A solid song which romps along again with that sort of 60’s upbeat feel.

Continuing the funky trippy blues sound along comes ‘You Gotta Try’ and again like all the tracks before this delivers a real solid piece of music. It flows along and vaguely sounds like Nancy Sinatra having a go at psychedelic rock. Beautifully delivered, solid and slick.

The driving rhythm kicks in next of ‘Won't Go Back’ as it feels like Elin, Dorian Zach and André just pulled you into a souped up, open topped Cadillac and began tearing down the road into the sunset. A fast buoyant track that is once again a joy to listen to…

Along comes ‘Rejection’ with a real motown soul sister vibe, but still with that underlying rock running through it like a vein of gold. The beat keeps your foot tapping and the vocals once again drag you willing through the whole experience.

Finally we come to ‘Elements And Things’ another rocking tune that takes no prisoners as it rolls at a fast pace as if it can see the end in sight and is giving that last burst of speed to get you over the line.

Overall, this album is exactly as its title describes it. It is pure gold. Modern psychedelic rock is always a nice haven in which to sip a slightly different libation. And Elin’s vocals are utterly impressive throughout really helping to capture the 60s/70s feel.

This is an album well worth adding to your collection, whether you like the genre or wouldn’t mind dipping your toe into the psychedelic blues/rock pool ‘In Gold’ is an exemplar with not on filler song in this treasure trove.

Review by Ivor Whitten

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