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Sunday, September 25, 2016

VIDEOS: The (not so) true tale of (B)Rad Pitt's Belfast adventures and a night on the town with Maverick

SUNDAY afternoon - footie on the television on mute and browsing through a couple of videos from local bands, Molarbear and Maverick.

What do we learn? Is Brad Pitt stalking Molarbear in Belfast after the whole Brangelina divorce saga? We may never learn the truth.

We also learn that the lads in Maverick may sing about the pitfalls booze can cause in a relationship they seem to enjoy a night on the falling down juice in Belfast.

Maverick play the Diamond Rock Club on October 15th with Selene as support.

Here is Molarbear with Rad Pitt

And here's Maverick with Whiskey Lover

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