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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

NEWS: Cats in Space recruit some Thunder for new single

THERE's a buzz about Cats in Space that you can't deny is worthy, and now they have a 'Thunderous' new single set for September release, a rock-tastic version of a timeless classic.

Cats In Space will release their version of the classic Slade song ‘How Does It Feel’ on September 20th to coincide with their first UK tour this September. 

In keeping with the band's 70s quest, the single will be available exclusively in red 7” vinyl, and white 7” vinyl, both with picture sleeves. 

This release sees the Cats bucking the modern trend towards faceless downloads and streaming, and offering the music fan something real, and even tastier than a bowl of Felix.

If recording such a classic was not enough, they also recruited Thunder vocalist Danny Bowes to share the vocal licks with Cats singer Paul Manzi.

This duet is nothing short of magnificent. Its power will put your windows in, so be warned!
Danny Bowes said: “I was hooked the first time I heard the Cats In Space album.
I thought they were both mental and brave to make such an overtly 70s influenced album, and I loved it.

The fact that it had great tunes and arrangements was the big fat cherry on the top.
'How Does It Feel' is one of my favourite Slade songs, so when they asked me to sing on their version it took me a good second and a half to say yes."

Greg Hart said: “When Danny got in touch last year to say how much he loved our album it was something of a surprise to say the least.

"I was even more surprised when he agreed to sing on our version of 'How Does It Feel', but it turns out he’s a Slade fan, so it was all about the music, and very easy, the way it should be.
We even got a massive thumbs up from Don Powell from Slade…’Nuff said...”

The B-Side is ‘Scandalous’, yet another Cats cracker, co-written by Greg with 10cc’s MICK WILSON.
It’s a tasty sinister piano led romp, very much in the style of vintage Queen.

The latest Cats In Space info at www.catsinspaceband.com
Paul Manzi - Vocals
Greg Hart - Guitar, Vocals
Dean Howard - Guitar
Jeff Brown - Bass, Vocals
Andy Stewart - Keyboards, Vocoder
Steevi Bacon - Drums

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