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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

NEWS: Week packed with rock and metal

WELL - there's never anything happening in Belfast for rock and metal bands, right? Wrong! The next four days are packed, literally packed with shows.

Tonught, Wednesday, 24th July sees Airbourne play a sold-out show in Limelight1 with The Treatment and Trucker Diablo - sorry if you ain't got your ticket...

But despair not as tomorrow there are some limited number of tickets available for Red Hot Chili Peppers at Tennents Vital, at Boucher Road Playing Fields. The box office is open from 1pm tomorrow, but be quick as the it is close to selling out the 40,000 capacity.

If that's not to your taste and want something a bit heavier the Voodoo is hosting Shrouded, Ceaseless Blight, Drakonis, and Towers from 8pm.

Friday - end of the working week? Well the Hilden Beer Festival kicks off, and in the Eglantine Bar The Distortion Project will bring Scotland's Midnight Force to town with support from Donum Dei and Scimitar.

Still with us? Then hang on to your hats because on Saturday it is time for a serious choice. You want it heavy and terrifying? Then head back to the Voodoo, where Extreme Noise Terror will be playing their only Irish show, with backing from Desecration, Zombified and Okus...neck protection advised.

Over in The Limelight Maverick are launching their new album Big Red with Stereo Nasty opening the evening's proceedings. (Video for Asylum single below)

That's just a sample of the goings on - there are plenty more, but never, ever say there's no gigs...and there are plenty more coming up over the rest of the year!

Let the Beer Tokens be deployed!

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