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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

NEWS: Trivium release 'Lake of Fire' instant grat track - Ember To Inferno re-issued on December 2nd

AHEAD of their Belfast show in February Trivium have shared 'Lake of Fire', the third and final instant grat track from their forthcoming reissue of Ember To Inferno, out December 2 via Cooking Vinyl.

Listen to "Lake of Fire" here.

"'The Red Album' is the best recorded version of the absolute earliest Trivium there is," said singer and guitarist Matt Heafy.

"'Thrust' was the very first Trivium song ever written, 'Pain' the second, 'Lake of Fire' the third."

He continued: "'Lake of Fire' is a very primal Trivium, but it shows that all the elements of the band Trivium fans know today, have been there since the beginning. Clean melody, intense speed; the sonic interplay of light and dark; melody and brutality — it was all there from the start.

Lyrically, 'Lake of Fire' sets an intense stage for the visions of the underworld it invokes. Enjoy your journey... into the 'Lake of Fire!'"

Ember to Inferno will be released in four configurations, with the deluxe 'Ab Initio' editions containing the band's early demos 'Ruber' (aka the Red Demo), 'Caeruleus (aka the Blue Demo) and 'Flavus' (aka the Yellow Demo). Fans can pre-order all formats online here.

Heafy dives deep into the reissue via a specially recorded interview series. Watch Episode 1 here and Episode 2 here.

The band previously made available 'The Storm'; a six-minute epic, propelled by a massive acrobatic riff and Matt Heafy's three-tiered vocal attack. Listen below:

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