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Thursday, November 03, 2016

NEWS: Maverick snag tour slot with Treat in spring 2017

NORTHERN Ireland rockers Maverick have scored their latest European tour sojourn, this time a spring jaunt with the legendary Treat.

And, the band are delighted! Singer David Balfour, was quick to celebrate the support slot.

"This is our second European tour with a Swedish band," he said. And this time with a personal favourite of mine in the shape of Treat, a band that I and many others feel were unlucky not to make it huge!

"This time it focusses mostly on Germany, with a couple of dates in the Netherlands and Denmark...ironically we will actually be kicking this tour off in the same venue we finished our tour with The Poodles only a year ago."

Maverick have been working hard promoting their latest release, the mighty 'Big Red', including dates in Belfast and Ahoghill recently, but David knows that it is on this type of tour that a band earns its stripes on the road.

"There I simply no substitute to touring for improvement as a band," he said. "We came out the other side a stronger force last time around and we plan on doing the very same this time.

"Massive thanks to our manager Eddy Freiberger and the Metalapolis team for snagging us this great experience!

"And, as the main support to these legends of Scandinavian rock it just feels great."

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