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Friday, January 26, 2018

NEWS: The Polka Dot invasion is coming back as SLF announce 2018 Custom House Square show

LESS than a year ago Belfast's Custom House Square witnesses a special event as an army of punks, rockers and general mentalists descended on the area - many bedecked in polka dot shirts (don't ask!) for one of the most exciting events of 2016.

It seems that Stiff Little Fingers enjoyed it so much that they are going to do it again...

Come August 25th SLF will once again pack out Custom House Square, and as with last year no doubt draw people from across the UK and further afield. Fuck sake the Northern Ireland Tourist Board should be sponsoring this event!

Of course the Stiffs will be announcing some special guests that will only increase the draw to this event, but (and, yes we are biased!) SLF always put on a show that still has an edge beyond most acts on the planet.

The adoration for Jake, Ali, Steve and Ian is enormous, and as the 40th Anniversary Tour proved they have the live chops, the attitude that they can - and do - conquer all.

Ticket info and support line-up to be announced shortly.

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