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Monday, January 15, 2018

NEWS: Evil Scarecrow about to head to studio for next release ahead of Lost In Antactica tour

LET's face it anyone with a love for metal who has a sense of humour loves Evil Scarecrow. Given our anticipation for the upcoming Belfast show on February 1st, 2019 in the Voodoo news of progress on their new album is welcome.

While they prep for their shows at HRH Metal on 17th January and HRH Road Trip Ibiza the preparation for their new album comes straight from Scarecrow HQ.

None other than Dr Hell spoke to give an update. These are his words of wisdom...

"We are also really close in completing the writing of our 4th full studio album (as yet untitled),2 he said.

"We'll be back at the amazing Parlour Studios with our long-suffering (yet most excellent and legendary) record producer Russ Russell. Is that his real name? No-one knows. I’ve heard that his middle name is Rustle.

"Along side the album launch which should take place sometime in 2018 we’ll be slowly rolling out a whole new stage show, to compliment our latest musical stories about martians or ghosts or robotic beer or whatever.

"We’re also working on a new video early in 2018 to support our new show and summer festival appearances (soon to be announced).

"So 2018 is going to be big one for us. As long as Russ Rustle Russell does a good job in making us sound amazing and we don’t break of all our equipment or lose our costumes"

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