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Monday, January 09, 2017

EP Review: Maximum High show how its done on four-track

IF there's one thing that really irritates many a reviewer it's the bombardment they receive in their Twitter and Facebook - as well as any other social media streams they are on - from bands who say "check out our new tracks/single/album/video. We really don't have time to "check it out".

However, occasionally independent bands do the right thing. Just before Christmas dropping into our social media stream a Greek four-piece rock act, Maximum High, politely asked if we would be interested in receiving an EPK (electronic press kit) to learn more.

And, no nagging, no insistent messaging about when we would get round to listening.

What dropped into the email was indeed a succinct EPK, with press release, links to four tracks, picture and other information. Now, we just couldn't resist giving the tracks a listen.

What emerged from our speakers were four-tracks of laid back rock, relatively easy listening with singer Irene Dimopoulo smooth vocals, distinctive and alluring.

Of the four the stand-out track is 'Long Ago' is a nice piece of rock (video below) which could ease its way into many of the more, non metal rock charts with its funky undertones

For Northern Ireland rock fans what this may remind many of you of is our local act Ajenda, and while it may not appeal to the more 'metal' :) readers, for those that have a penchant for rock this is an act that may be from Greece, but definitely have an ear for a good tune.

And, to boot, being recorded on analogue systems rather than digital gives each of the four-tracks a warmth that many an act could learn from.

Learn more here.

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