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Friday, January 27, 2017

Diamond virgins assemble - time to pop your Diamond Rockl Club cherry and come along to Ahoghill...

RIGHT you lot! Pay attention! Sit up straight and get your notebooks out. This site is called BELFASTmetalheadsreunited, but we're not parachoial, not restricted to the 'Big Smoke'.

We venture forth beyond the limits, locally, nationally and internationally. However, something troubling has been brought to our attention...there are some of you reading this who have never been to the Diamond Rock Club, Ahoghill. Shame on you!

Yes, we know it is troubling to venture outside the safe zone of Belfast, or wherever you regard as your home turf, but should you decide to venture forth you can be safely escorted from your urban idyll via a 'beer bus', which will also return you from the wilds. No passport is required.

Should you do so, there is a feast of rock and metal on offer. For example, this weekend Stormzone and Triggerman will play the Diamond Rock Club, and amongst the acts in coming weeks and months you can catch Blaze Bayley, The Quireboys and many more.

For those yet to experience the Diamond vibe, let's just say that you missed Trucker Diablo and Hell's Addiction oversee a sensational Christmas party, and The Diamond All-Stars (Cormac, Seamy, Pat, Davey, Keith) entertain all with a set of all our favourites.

Below is a selection of some images from those shows...and now Diamond virgins, it's time to to pop your cherry, board the beer bus and come along!
(Pictures by Lizzie Torbitt)

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