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Friday, February 03, 2017

NEWS: Sheffield's Regulus prepare for release of album Quadralith

WAY back last September, at HRH Stoner Vs Doom one of the impressive bands we caught were hometown heroes Regulus, who impressed us with their blend of blues and stoner groove, laid out with a heavy backdrop.

Now, the Off Yer Rocka four-piece are set to release their latest body of work, the 10-track 'Quadralith' to be released on 17th March.

The songs on the album are some of the catchiest, heaviest and most riff-fuelled songs from the band to date. The album was recorded at Playing Aloud Studios in Lincoln and produced by bassist Martyn Lucas-Bewick and guitarist Thomas “Oz” Osborne.

Oz: “Our greatest strength as a band since day one has always been our work-ethic and relentless desire to push forward both creatively and practically. Inevitably this brings with it a measure of sacrifice and pressure which can lead to turbulence. ‘Quadralith’ was written and recorded during the most difficult and highest pressure, yet most progressive and forward-looking phase of our existence as Regulus to date, which has led to it being not only our deepest and most honest body of work so far, but also the highest quality both musically and technically.”

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