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Sunday, February 12, 2017

LIVE REVIEW: Heat One of Metal2TheMasses kicks off the battle for a Bloodstock slot

YOU know when Metal2TheMasses is underway when 'real' adults appear in Limelight2. Not, that everyone who normally attends isn't above the statutory admittance age - it's just that these are responsible adults. Also known as parents of band members.

Seeing these responsible adults gives one a sense of assurance that their offspring's efforts to learn a new guitar line, drum fill of bass run, not to mention shipping them to rehearsals has been worth the effort to see their sprogs enter into the fray for a cherished spot at Bloodstock.
By Darren McVeigh

In an evening of varied styles all four bands in this first heat played half hour sets that were entertaining and engaging in front of a relatively healthy turn-out.

With the bands chosen order as usual not pre-determined it was up to Erosion that were up first. These experienced musicians delivered their usual well performed selection of tracks, with Martin particularly impressive. However, at times Mark's vocals were a bit strained.

The excellence of their alt take on metal was, however, on the evening, a little bit at odds with some of the arrangement of the set, and announcing a track as 'hardcore' was perhaps a mistake. That said their use of intro samples and the overall aural wall bodes well.
By Darren McVeigh

Travelling up from Co. Armagh Periapt struggled with tuning during the set, but once they got going their brand of groove with tech touches worked well. Relatively static on stage was understandable given the enormity of the prize at stake.

Which, of course is a slot on the Bloodstock line-up with all that entails - to be on a line-up with Megadeth, Amon Amarth, Blind Guardian, Hatebreed, Testament, Decapitated etc. Given Periapt's hard rock groove they may need to toughen up their sound a little to fight for a slot in the future. That said there is obvious potential.

Beyond the Beneath were playing their first show and their first time they'd lined up as a three-piece. From the off the passion and the ability was clear, as was their use of the stage to its full extent.
By Lizzie Torbitt

The punk edged metal was mixed with groove and a grasp of tight musical arrangements. Colum's lead runs were tight and not overblown, while Davy's bass work and vocals were only matched by the silly in between tracks banter. There are still a few rough edges to be knocked off, but given this was their d├ębut that was a minor issue.

Rosco's Riot came on with a wall-of noise, intense and over-flowing with groove. Tim towered over the audience; full-on playing. At times the sound was cluttered, drowning out Tim's vocals, but the riffing was only matched by a peerless union of James and Craig's tightly woven rhythms.

It was clear that Rosco's Riot had brought the most support, guaranteeing they would get a substantial vote from the audience. However, you cannot gather that level of support without a good set and a substantial set of songs.
By Lizzie Torbitt

As always with Metal2TheMassses voting weight was 50% from the audience and 50% from the collective judging panel.

Qualifying for the semi-finals are: Rosco's Riot and Beyond The Beneath.

Review by Jonathan Traynor
Pictures by Darren McVeigh and Lizzie Torbitt (as marked)

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