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Sunday, February 05, 2017

LIVE REVIEW: DP fundraiser fills the Belfast evening with METAL!

Saturday evening in Belfast  - the air filled with metal in Belfast's Limelight. And with a host of metal bands - you can't go wrong with. Top tier metal to be had and maybe a beer too.

The first band of the night was Ketos and their breed of melodic thrash metal started the night, and set the tone for the night. This was only their second gig together as well. Some really impressive stuff and incredible talent. Can't wait to see what these guys have planned for the future.

Next up to the chopping block was S.L.U.T.S with their first gig back since the last Metal2TheMasses. With a few line-up changes they managed to keep their sound intact and the same intensity they've had in previous shows.

At times though the vocals where slightly off but other than that a great set. Very good drumming and guitars as always.

Zlatanera played extremely well with some heavy satanic rock. Satan is our pal after all. Good  vocals, riffs, bass and drums. What else would you expect! As this was their first gig since Halloween they played a very good show.

What a way to lighten up the night with some extreme black metal with Drakonis who played an incredible set blasting us to hell. Some complex riffing with chilling vocals.

This was a great set from a great band. With their new EP out it seems that Drakonis are becoming bigger and better. The corpse paint and black metal seems to bring out the evil in people! Seems there hasn’t been a bad set tonight.

Now to the mighty Sinocence. They are as heavy as always. Haven't changed one bit. That isn't a bad thing though as they play with same intensity, same breed of metal that keeps them a staple of Belfast metal.

Good set and by this point the night was well underway and with Vol3 of No Gods, No Masters out soon, anticipation is high for the next move from the Sinners.

The final bad Two Tales of Woe round off a great night with some heavy raw metal that really impressed. Coming from Dublin and playing after Sinocence they played a killer set and brought us some heavy guitars and riffs. On the night of the mighty Black Sabbath’s last ever gig, Belfast was lighting its own fire and it burned bright. A great night all round and a great set of bands.

No better way to spend a Saturday night and as always a doff of the cap to James Loveday for keeping the metal dream alive in Northern Ireland

Review by Zakk Traynor

Photographs by Darren McVeigh

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