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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

NEWS: Hendrix of the Harmonica Will Wilide launches Wizard video

WHILE the concept of harmonica tracks piquing some people's curiosity when we reviewed the forthcoming album from Will Wilde 'Bring It On Home' (review is here) you can get a chance to listen to his cover of Sabbath's 'The Wizard' below.

Of course, The Wizard was a well practised song by the time Sabbath released it, its origins coming from their time as the jazz/blues under the moniker Earth.

Here's what Will said about it: “I wanted to pay tribute to the mighty Black Sabbath with this cover. The Wizard is arguably the heaviest rock song of all time to feature harmonica as a lead instrument.  It sums up the ethos behind my new album."

Here's Will's video for Wizard - see what you think:

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