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Thursday, February 08, 2018

ALBUM REVIEW: Ignore The Sign slick work outs on A Line To Cross

WHEN a band declares itself 'Saviors of Rock' on the first track of an album that on first listen is middle of the road, radio-friendly rock then one can be excused for having more than a soupcon of cynicism.

But give a full proper listen to Ignore the Sign's release 'A Line to Cross' and within are some gems. Given the array of musicians on the album then it should be expected.

Delve into the tracks and for a few you are transported into that period in the 1980s when rock of all shades got its fair shout. On 'Days of Thunder' this is acknowledged, with more than a hint of DP and early Whitesnake.
There are tracks here that would sit comfortably in the arsenal of Foreigner, Journey or Night Ranger - and that isn't a criticism.

Ignore The Sign have out and out rockers such as 'The Story Isn't Over' and the tender notes of 'When Words Aren't Enough' - indicative of a group that is prepared not be shackled into one style.

The band was originally meant to be a solo outing for Ossy Pfeiffer, but instead he gathered a troupe of excellent musicians.

In addition to Pfeiffer on vocals and various instruments are guitarist/vocalist Anca Graterol of Rosy Vista, former The Sweet and current MSG guitarist Steve Mann, bass player Lars Lehmann, studio musician with British rock legend UFO and member of ex-Scorpions guitarist Uli Jon Roth’s band, as well as percussionist Momme Boe and drummer Kristof Hinz, who has just finished the drum takes for the new Eloy album.

Now that is one serious set of people...and their work is a complete contribution on the likes of 'Behind The Wall'.

In many ways the album is a statement that Ossy and co are prepared not to be shackled by conventions or trends but have produced music that they want to record and play.

Review by Jonathan Traynor

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