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Monday, February 05, 2018

ALBUM REVIEW: Donum Dei's devastating début release Contribute to Chaos

FOR many fans of hard rock and metal in Northern Ireland watching a band grow and develop in front of your eyes is both a pleasure and something that leaves you with bated breath as to whether they can take the next step.

Donum Dei have taken that next step with the release of their devastating début album 'Contribute to Chaos', a blistering, balls out thrasher with nine tracks that will sear the flesh off your face.

From the delicate opening of 'False Hope' this is a full-on metal album, imbued with the spirit of the best of thrash and contemporary metal sounds. But, unlike many they nod to their influenced rather than follow them slavishly.

In fact Thomas Marshall sounds completely pissed off with the world as a he rages and roars throughout each and every song. But, it is the complete attitude that matches the mood of the album.

There is an intensity across all elements of 'Contribute to Chaos' that can leave one slack-jawed in admiration for a band so young.

'Courage From Within' is a simply wondrous song - defiant and with a single finger up to wasters and those not prepared to stand up for themselves.

What makes it a great album is the cohesiveness of the guitar work between Stuart McLoughlin's lead work and Thomas' aggressive riffing.

This is exemplified on 'Torture (Makes Them Speak) for which they drafted in Pete Crenshaw of Ketos and By Conquest Or Consent. It us a track that delivers a boot to your bake.

There are, however, some minor issues on the album. The title track does overdo the all-out noise that isn't as clear, nor has the same degree as the rest. It still is a song that will deliver live.

In contrast 'A Wolf Among Us' and 'Dead on Arrival' are blistering. They showcase a band ready to take on all comers and ready to take the next step.

As for the live favourite 'Justice Fails' fans and those new to the band will be chanting along to the chorus...

What Donum Dei have is the patience to develop at their own pace, with a clear plan for progression. With the right guidance, management and pointers they are sure to be ready to springboard their career to the next level.

'Contribute to Chaos' is a statement; a moment in time for a Donum Dei to look back on as they rise to the next level.

Review by Jonathan Traynor

Contribute to Chaos is launched on March 1st at The Belfast Empire with a Donum Dei headline set, with support from Death of a Salesman, Ketos and Dream Awake

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