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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

LIVE REVIEW: Sweden's Void Moon surprise set earns plaudits with Baleful Creed and Terminus as awesome suupport

SOMETIMES you head along to a gig with expectations held in check; your awareness of the headlining band a little sketchy and wondering what they will deliver. And then you find yourself immersed in the sound, raising a pint and bellowing approval.

Swedish act Void Moon arrived on stage to a little scepticism in Limelight2 on Saturday 11th April, but before that two Northern Ireland acts powered through two great sets.
Southern groove and Sabbath stylings are trademarks of Baleful Creed, and they didn't disappoint. 'Illuminati' caught the mood, but show-stopper 'Autumn Leaves' has a real sense of darkness and catchiness.

The also d├ębuted a new song in the shape of 'God's Fear', which showed the potential for new material. The only downside was that the lack of on-stage interaction among the band on stage. Develop a little more and Baleful Creed can deliver themselves to the next level.

On the other hand Terminus NI have the advantage of James Beattie's focal point on vocals. The sci-fi infused NWOBHM has a smooth, slick feel, but retain an energy and deliver for an audience that is familiar to many in attendance - even if all wonder how bassist Dave McCallum remembers which band he is playing in this week....
Concluding with 'Centaurean', a track that has many singing along - a sure sign that Terminus NI local fanbase is determined to support the band in attending and vocally.

After a strong local showing Void Moon could have been forgiven for being a little bit phased, but with Jonas and Peter looking every part the Viking invaders they clearly are intent on winning over the Belfast audience.

Despite being labelled as a doom act they have a dynamism in their playing, with loads of variety in the sound and approach.

Erika's lead work varied between under-stated excellence and sheer audacity in delivery. Marcus adds fills and thrust behind the kit to keep the whole thing moving along.

Within three songs they had won over the audience - many of whom will be looking forward to their return.

Furthermore they proved to be decent people, appreciative of those who turned out and what more can we ask for, good music, good people and another good night presented by James Loveday's Distortion Project.

Review by Jonny
Pictures by Darren McVeigh (MetalplanetBelfast)


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