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Sunday, April 12, 2015

LIVE REVIEW: Hateful violence that was such fun with Stand With Heretics, Basement Torture Killings and Abaddon Incarnate

SOMETIMES the most deathly of deathly things are funny as fuck. But it only works if the performers play their odes of gore with a straight face. And, they are serious about what they are doing...

Which is a prelude to our ruminations and reflections of a night of pure unadulterated metal delivered courtesy of Grindscene Records in Belfast's Warzone Centre.

Opening up proceedings, Stand With Heretics brought the ferocity to the event with an almost unique blending of early Pantera and death metal.

While the influences of Dimebage and Alsemo were clear the more deathly elements of the likes of early Decapitated edging in amongst the groove to the edginess. Nice opening to the evening from Downpatrick's Stand With Heretics.

There is such a thing as putting on a show...yes, we know a lot of bands tend to forget that. Not so Basement Torture Killings.

From down-to-earth guys beforehand to ominous-looking serial killer looks BTK came on with attitude. Styling a Butcher's smock? Check. Evil doctor? Check. Blood soaked shirt? Check.

On one level the band could be seen as a dark comedy act with the outfits and songs such as 'Severed Head Fellatio' it could be seen that their brand of murder metal is a pastiche of silliness.

It would all fall apart if the music was shit; but it isn't. It's as precise as a scalpel cutting into flesh; from the rhythm through to searing leads and growls that would have Satan cowering in the corner in fear.

Dublin's Abaddon Incarnate rounded up the evening with a ferocious set that shows not only their experience but their ongoing development and poise.

The twin guitars work with delicious deathly attack, full of fight and filled with some delicious riffage and solos.

There was a real sense of purpose about Abaddon Incarnate. No matter the setting they seem to the rises up to any challenge. We really are now looking forward to their set at Monsters of Rot V in August.

Grindscene and Pete are to be congratulated for bringing the Pessimist Tour to Belfast - it was enjoyable in the darkest of senses!

Review by Jonny


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