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Monday, April 13, 2015

ALBUM REVIEW: Nightrage fail to live up to expectations on The Puritan

When Nightrage released their first album 'Sweet Vengenge' I fell in love with the album. Then Toman Lindburg was on vocals, but since his departure, after 'Descent Into Chaos', I stopped listening to them.

Since then the band have struggled to maintain a stable lineup, none more so than in the vocal department. I was excited at the thought of the new album, but sadly was disappointed.

It's just not the same and not as good. Latest to step up to the mic (their fourth), on this their sixth album, is Ronnie Nyman and, while he does a perfectly decent job, much like the band as a whole, decent is all it is.

Gone is anything that truly made Nightrage standout and as such they have become nothing more than an average band, hard to separate from the rest of the pack.

'The Puritan' does have some moments of real quality with "When Gold Turns To Rust" being the most obvious, and in truth, there is nothing really wrong with 'The Puritan', it is a good album, but not one you would ever say was memorable.

Nightrage used to be a very good band, but with several lineup changes it's hard to maintain that quality.

'The Puritan' is a good album and worth listening to, it's just not as good as could be expected.

Review by Rebecca Livingstone

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