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Monday, April 20, 2015

ALBUM REVIEW: Satan's Wrath get down with Lucifer on Die Evil

THERE'S a part of all of us metalheads that can't resist a bit of Venom, in its purest form. But, when self-avowed fans of the Geordie based three-piece take up arms - as do Satan's Wrath - does the very term 'black metal' become something to be parodied and sniggered about?

With previous releases 'Galloping Blasphemy' and 'Aeons of Satan's Reign' there was a point when the bridge between fanboy and entertainment could have been crossed.

In the end the devotion to the primal black metal template salvages the release for these Greek underground heroes.

Step forward to 2015 and Satan's Wrath have finally delivered their own 'true' identity as a band. 'Die Evil' as the latest offering from Taz Danazoglou and his cohorts sees them step away from their origins to find their own 'voice' in the pantheon of acts who prostrate themselves at the altar of Venom.

While 'Coffinlust' still has the influence firmly on their sleeves, title track 'Die Evil' and 'At The Strike of 12' are much more 21st Century rather than harkening back to some rose-tinted black metal past.

While Satan's Wrath has always been Danazoglou's vision, the guitar work of Stamos and V keeps 'Die Evil' from slipping into the hell that is cliché city.

Closer 'Castle Of Torment' is the real example that defines where Satan's Wrath are in 2015. The pure black metal of their musical roots, a plethora of tight riffing, some solo excellence and an 'old school'  fade-out.

Satan's Wrath has pursued their own journey from fandom to black metal principles: and Die Evil is an almost perfect waypoint on that jouney...

Review by Jonny
Die Evil is released by Metal Blade on 5th May,  but if you can't wait...


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