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Sunday, April 19, 2015

LIVE REVIEW: Darrenfest raised the money and the metal banner, with Bad Boat, Zlatanera and Rabid Bitch of the North

IT is a fact of life that when a community believes a cause is worthy they rally around, pull together all parts of that community and try to make a difference. Earlier this year Blazefest V saw thousansd raised for the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children, and on Friday (17th April), Darrenfest rallied the rock and metal troops once more.

Gathered in the hallowed hall of the Voodoo in Belfast's Fountain Street the long hairs, the scruffs and the associated masses reached into pockets, wallets handbags to pay in, buy ballots and...beer plus other assorted beverages.

Roaring out the Bad Boat rhythms
Opening proceedings were Bad Boat. Aboard that ship of the metallic seas there has been a voyage that Odysseus would be proud of. Years of effort, line-up changes and a couple of breaks all seem worthwhile when they roar on to the stage.

Oars dug into the metallic oceans, each in a groove that rolled with the waves as towering Tom directed proceedings. With songs from the forthcoming 'Drown The Phoenix' as well as some old favourites Bad Boat proved that they are still a massive force to be reckoned with.

Hey Satan - Bring it on!
After rolling on the metal seas we were then brought all the Satans as Zlatanera slayed the demons and brought them back to life in a dark diabolical mass.

What sets Andy and his manic crew of crazy worshipers at the altar of metal set themselves apart from others by, not only being blindingly proficient, but having a sense of humour.

Yes, a sense of humour. Despite the elegant perfection of what they undertake Zlatanera have a poise and their gigging has produced a sleek and shiny performance that would have the dark lord himself nodding in appreciation.

Focussing on the rock
Rabid Bitch of the North have told the dark lord to get down the front or fuck away off.

Fresh from pillaging the west of Ireland in the Siege of Limerick RBOTN stormed on stage with their usual swagger (and a new visual). Joe, Gerry and Chris have evolved from 'just another band on the scene'  to a real force, capturing the energy that was around the NWOBHM with a fresh edge.

'Defending Two Castles', '...1999' all sounded epic, and the brute defiance of 'Us Against Them' is still the perfect antidote to the pop culture plaguing today's world.

But Darrenfest was more than just another gig in the Big Smoke. It was about raising money for a good cause. There were a raft of raffle prizes that punters willingly threw their pounds towards, less concerned with the prizes than contributing.

And, should you have been one of the unfortunates that missed Darrenfest you can still contribute via this link.
Review by Jonny
Photos by Carolyn McGimpsey
Many thanks to Carolyn from Planet Mosh for the pix
On the Bad Boat

Happy with all the Satans

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