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Thursday, November 30, 2017

ALBUM REVIEW: Technical, extreme and glorious from Bloodshot Dawn on Reanimation

PORTSMOUTH melodic tech death maestros Bloodshot Dawn return with their third full length brain blender 'Reanimation' with a shedload of guests to add flourishes to an already packed album of six-string splendour.

The first track 'Seared Earth' throws you straight into a cement mixer of sweep picking and tight double bass drumming. It's ridiculously technical, the riffs are crushing, the bass thunderous and the vocals full of unrepentant fury. The leadwork is a joy to behold in its blend of supreme technicality and pure undiluted melody. That's how you open an album.

'Graviton Nightmare' hurls riff after riff at you. Insane drums and paralysing leadwork assault you, turning your brain into a hot goopy mess. The melody is fantastic, a real headbanger of a track. The vocal work adds a layer of aggression to the hefty madness and that solo will have the hairs on your arms standing on end.

Track three, 'Survival Evolved' has a really futuristic sound to it. It's brilliantly structured and super heavy. Again the leadwork is otherworldly and the pounding bass and brutal drumming compliment it perfectly. The vocals are so intense, matching the ferocity and technical prowess of the music.

The next track 'Upon the Throne of Fear' assaults you from the first note with intense double bass drumming and demented riffing. The vocals are utterly demonic and the leadwork is sickeningly intricate. It's an absolute beast of a song, a stand out track.

'Controlled Consciousness' is bassy, dynamic and packed with tasty riffs and relentless drumming. It's faster than a squirrel that's been force-fed amphetamines and so tech heavy it has Bill Gates scratching his head. The vocals are grinding and powerful and the solo will melt your face clean off your skull.

Track six, 'Soul Affliction' starts of nice and heavy only to become even heavier as the vocals, pummelling guitar riffs and unforgiving drum work. The unbelievably skilled solos will turn you into a transdimentional space goat. You'll lose yourself in a galaxy of flowing madness and absolute brutality.

'Shackled' is hook heavy, catchy and superbly written. The guitars have a melodic quality to the riffs, the drums and bass compliment them perfectly. The vocals are so strong, maintaining a level of nasty aggression throughout and the guitar leads are completely dripping in melody and virtuosity. One of the best structured songs on the album.

And, 'Battle for the Omniverse' is a pounding monster of a track, showcasing unparalleled musicianship and an ear for excellent songwriting. It walks the line between brutal death metal and melodic death metal without wobbling once. The guitars are absolutely stunning, the drums are limb splitting and the vocals cut through you like a knife as the bass suffocates you. The leadwork is yet again out of this world.

The penultimate track 'DNA Reacquisition', an instrumental, is more of a midpaced affair, wonderfully melodic. At just over a minute and a half in length it'll send chills up your spine and it's the perfect setup for the final song.

'Reanimated' is crushing. The riffs and drums are surgical in their execution. The vocals are aggressive and the bass devastates everything. The highlight, much like the rest of the album, is the leadwork which is oozing melodic proficiency in abundance.

Fans of brutal and technically proficient and insanely melodic music would do well to pick this gem up. It's a space age blast of riffs, shredding, blasting drums and leadwork that'll fry your nervous system.

Review by Phil Noonan.

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